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Keith and Kirsten here; the faces behind KL2 FARMS. 

First of all, we want to say "thank you" for making us a part of your day and following along with our life. We are so grateful that sharing our little piece of the world is providing so many of you a sense of calm and peacefulness. We love that!

Mine and Keith's worlds collided in an unusual way. My dad, Phil, started traveling to Missouri for work when I was in middle school. He buys cattle at area sale barns for cattle farmers in Iowa. Keith just happned to be working at one of the barns and Dad got to know him over the years. I jokingly said one day; "Dad, know any good ole Missouri boys?" & he didn't even have to think about it. His thoughts immediately went to Keith. The following week he passed my phone number on to Keith and received Keith's number for me. A month or so went by and I hadn't heard from him so I took matters into my own hands. He responded and a few weeks later I was headed down with Dad on a Thursday night to go on a blind date. & that was that. ❤️


1. Dad went to a cattle sale; he did not third wheel our date. 😉

2.This was not an arranged marriage or courting situation. It just happened to work.

3. Years later I look back on the whole situation and think, dang. Dad knows me. Like really knows me. & that makes me feel really happy.

We did the long distance thing for a few years and I went off to finish my schooling at South Dakota Sate University - even further away. 

After graduation, I moved to Missouri and we lived in a little house in town. Keith owned the farm at that time (he bought it two weeks after our first date) but it did not have a house on it.

We got married in 2014 in Mexico; a place very special to us.

Keith was working for my Dad at this point hauling cattle.

I got pretty sick and Keith was rarely home because many of his loads started and ended in Iowa. He was spending many nights at my parents house and I was alone in Missouri. It was not fun.

We found out the people living in my family farm house were moving out and decided to make the move to Iowa. I'm so grateful for that period of time. Keith and I could actually be together every night, I had my friends and family and most importantly, I was able to heal. More on my healing journey HERE.


In 2019, after spending 5 years in Iowa getting my health back, we decided it was time to build a house on our Missouri land and move back. Super grateful we were able to keep it over the years. It wouldn't have been possible without Keith's Dad, Pat. He took care of the herd while we were away and watched over the place. We are so grateful for him.

We moved in August of 2020 and it has been such a good life. We were really craving solice after years of battling my health and Keith working a lot! Things are happier, healthier and slower paced now. (As slow as you can get being a farmer. 😉)

Keith still hauls cattle for my dad, but bought the truck and trailer from him in 2015, running his own business now.

I went back to school in 2019 (after getting my health back) and became a health coach so I could help others do the same. 

While we have other jobs that supplement our lives, our passion is the farm.  We want to raise our cattle, grow our gardens and love on our animals.

& it's pretty cool that we get to share it with you.


To share the importance of nourishment (by way of food, activity, hobbies and joy) for overall health + bring you closer to your food system.

Know your food. Know your farmer.

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