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There is only one thing more precious than our time. Who we spend it with.

Now, i'm not going to sit here and say i'm the ultimate wife, daughter and sister. I love my family more than I could ever put into words, but I also enjoy my space (INFJ, here). I appreciate that we all keep in touch but don't drown one another with constant presence. They are dependable, unconditional and grounding. I am, however, the ultimate cat mom. I pride myself on my ability to fulfill that role and am not ashamed of it. I mean, they can't talk, they don't need me to wipe their ass, I don't have to let them outside and they never leave me to go to college. It's a total win. 


my hunk of burning love. omg. why did i just say that.

This is my husband, Keith.

I love this man. He is kind, {mostly} patient, encouraging, an ultra hunk and an incredible cat dad. 

He is my favorite travel companion (when I get him to slow down).

My adventure seeking, fly by the seat of my pants decision making scares the heartbeat right out of him.


Most importantly, he allows me to be me & encourages my growth.

A beautiful human.

Thankful to share life with him.


look at her cute little mouth. omg.

Say hello to Pepper (Boobie). She came to us at a couple weeks old. She had ulcers in her eyes and was in bad shape. Cad Dad plucked her from the dog's mouth (he was trying to get her to safety. good dog.) and brought her to her new home. I dropper fed her a milliliter at time (she wouldn't take a bottle) for a few weeks, six times a day. The vet couldn't believe she survived. Pretty proud of that one. 


We are obsessed with her. 

She is sour and sweet.


probably dreaming about spilled food.

Meet Scotch. Another tiny stray that found her way. Scotch showed up with missing hair patches on her face and extremely malnourished. & she was as sweet as can be. Think grandma's peach pie, but sweeter. The connection was strong. She started out as an outdoor kitty adding to a nice collection we have outside, but after running from the farm a couple times she found a place within the walls of our home.

Also obsessed with her.

She is always sweet, never sour.

mom & dad

chill. he is only 7 years older than her.

Say hello to my beautiful Mom, Jackie. Loyal, kind, and 100% overextends herself.

The quiet listener in the room who sits back and soaks it all in.

She will defend you until it breaks her own back. 

That cute old guy is my Dad, Phil. Leader of the empathy club, hilarious (often times inappropriately) and the most unconditional person you will ever know.

The best friend you could ever ask for.

It is my hope you all have people as special as these two in your life.


also calls the beach his home.

This is my brother, Alan. He has been a dream of of brother. Easy-going, quiet (until he's passionate about something) and silly. He likes to hold my hand. I think, anyway. Really, it doesn't matter. He has to. Because older siblings always rule.

I often wonder how the two of us came out of the same set of parents. We are such different humans.

He is pictured with is beautiful, outgoing, full-throttle, loyal, passionate girlfriend, Paige. She is magnificent. We love her.

Also, total opposites. 

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