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Let me start by saying I LOATHE the word diet. 

It gives way too much power to the mind and we forget to listen to our body signals. 

The word diet allows companies to target easily influenced humans into believing their product(s) will make them skinny, happy, healthy and fit. They make claims about following a set of "rules" that will give you the results seen in their heavily edited photos.

Diets suck.

Don't diet.

While I hate the word diet, I do understand the descriptive words allow people to understand how you eat.

With that said, I would like to say:

That is all. 

I follow a whole-food, mostly plant-based way of eating. 

If I want to make cookies, I eat cookies. If I want a piece of Salmon, I eat salmon. If I want a greasy Steak N Shake burger, I eat the burger, if I want a pork tenderloin, I eat it baby.

I don't ever deprive myself of what I want to eat.

I don't count calories. Ever.

I listen to my body and let it tell me what it wants. 

My food choices are here to nourish my body, not punish it.

Getting to that point can be a process.

The typical Standard American Diet (SAD) has hijacked most of our populations tastebuds into believing that unhealthy foods are what we should be eating.

But when you invest in you and take the time to clear out the gunk, your tastebuds will change. Fruits and Vegetables will no longer seem bland, but artificial sweeteners and "natural" flavors will. 

Your body will intuitively tell you what it wants.

The majority of my days consist of "clean" eating; mostly whole foods. Lots of fruits and vegetables, high quality carbohydrates, beans, lentils, nuts. Yes, I do it for my health, but the SAD tastes so bland to me now. The flavor of fresh, whole, living foods is what my body craves. It doesn't want 100 calorie packs, cereal and all the other glorified processed foods out there.

Let me just point out the acronym for the Standard American Diet; SAD.

Sad, indeed. 

The human need to have more, more, more has destroyed our food system.

The products endorsed in commercials should not even qualify as edible food.

We have distanced ourselves so far form real food we don't even know what it tastes like anymore. Or if we do, we don't like it.

I encourage you to pick up a whole food today and eat it. Then eat two tomorrow, three the next day and four the following. By adding foods into your diet, they will inevitably replace some of the existing foods that you no longer play a role in your nutrition. Adding foods is always better than taking them away. 

NOTE: You will notice none of the recipes on my website give any nutritional information. This isn't out of laziness. This will be something we work on together and will be provided individually, dependent upon the client's health and needs if you choose to work with me.

I would never place serving/portion sizes on my forum as everybody's needs are so different and my goal is to make health feel acheivableSome people need more calories, some need less. I never want a viewer to feel shameful of what their body chooses as their set point.

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