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A business name.

Something that represents who you are and what your business is about. In one or very few words.

Whew. No pressure. 

We have to take a few steps back.

On February 26, 2017 I started a personal blog, "Abnormal Anatomy" to document my life with chronic illness. 

It gave me purpose. I posted what I wanted to post when I wanted to post and left it alone during times of major transformations

It was a great outlet that allowed me to make a lot of friends with chronic illness and allowed those who aren't sufferers to understand what life with chronic illness was like to a certain extent. 

My first post was a response to all of the questions I had been receiving over a couple year period; if I was going to have kids, what I did for a job, etc. 

Essentially I ended it with "I'm living. Living the best life I can in the body I was given."

& I was. I was surviving. I was not thriving.

I also stated in that post, "Forgive yourself for not knowing the things you didn't know before you learned them."

Which is a powerful quote that has played out over and over in my life. & will continue to play out as time goes on.

As time has passed, I learned A LOT about health and wellness. 

How much dedication it takes.

How hard it can be.

How once you have it, you will do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING to keep it.

& here, "replanted." was born.

You see, I felt replanted. 

I felt like I had been given new life.

I was somehow in the same body, yet everything was different. 

An unexplainable feeling that I am grateful to have felt.

Reborn felt wrong because I never want to forget the old me. Reborn felt like a permanent escape from my old self.

Rebuilt felt like it could only happen once. 

Replanted Nutrition felt isolating. Like I could only share food focused criteria to aid in your health. & that isn't how total health is achieved. Lifestyle is just as important a piece. 

But replanted felt whole. Earth-shattering. Unstoppable. Growth-focused.

It also paid homage to my mostly plant-based diet. It was like a thank you to the plants for saving my life.

The "re" makes the assumption that my life and my health is ongoing and ever-changing.

Planted implies that while there are deep roots, there are also changing leaves. Ones that change colors with the seasons. The capability to "die-off" and restart fresh when necessary. 

The period was necessary. I like to think of it as a statement. Hi, this is me. I have been replanted. It will happen again. I'm okay with that. I like all versions of myself. Period. It feels like total acceptance of all parts of myself. Which hasn't always been easy.

All letters being lowercase implies that growth isn't rushed; it isn't aggressive. & no parts are more important than the other. They all deserve equal love and acceptance.

Plants grow, humans grow.

& that is why I chose "replanted.".

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