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They are important.

I feel like a pretty lucky lady to be surrounded by incredible women I call my girlfriends.

Pretty sure I hit the jackpot.

Or, I'm just really good at picking pals.

We will go with both.

I had an incredible weekend.

My friend Brandi, who I met while at school in South Dakota came to visit me.

I haven't seen her since our wedding in January of 2014. 

That's way too long kids.

But it didn't feel like it.

We picked up right where we left off.

It was effortless and comfortable. 

We had a blast.

Brandi was the glue that held me together that last year of school.

We cooked together.

We kept each other company.

We painted our nails every other night. True story.

We made midnight Wal-Mart runs.

The list is endless.

But, when my health revved up its engine and gave me the big fuck you and my family was hundreds of miles away and couldn't be there at the drop of a hat, she made sure I got to the doctor. Multiple times.

She helped me get all the goods I needed to survive a few days confined to my apartment.

She picked up my medications.

She was a friend.

An incredible friend.

She is an incredible friend.

Thank you for being there when life got hard.

But most importantly, thank you for sticking around.

Thanks for your understanding, support and encouragement.

Thank you for making time to come see me this weekend.

You are the peas to my carrots.

Love you, girl!


I wish I could put a little piece of everyone of you in my pocket for safe keeping. 

You know...need a pep talk, pull out this girlfriend.

Need to cry, pull out this girlfriend.

Need to vent, pull out this girlfriend.

You get the picture.

Each person in my life plays such an important, yet different role.

They are all equally inspiring and beautiful.

I am lucky to share life with all of you.

I hope I give back to you what you give to me.

(PROtip : Let a friend know you're thinking about them this week. It doesn't have to be a long conversation or a 3 day text message rampage. Pick up the phone. Open your messages. Pick a recipeint. Type these words, "Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you. Love you." Send. Done. Easy. No excuses about time. Guaranteed smile when they pick up their phone. I bet you smile too.)

Have a great week everybody!



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