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Ha, no.

That was just a ploy to get you to click on the post and get myself some website traffic.

& to clear the air quickly.

I have had some questions about kids.

Things like, "since you're better are you going to start trying for kids?"

"Why are you making your parents wait so long to be grandparents; it's the greatest gift you can give them."

Urgh, barf.

It has been common knowedge my whole existence that mine and my brother’s happiness is their greatest damn gift.

Whatever that may (or may not) include.

I do get it though, grandkids are cool. 

I'm going to be an aunt and I CAN NOT WAIT. (Keith's side.)

But none of that changes the fact that I can not carry.

Yes, I feel better.

As far as we know, Keith and I are able to conceive. 

But I can not physically carry a child in my uterus.

If I did ever chose to, I would have to go through a bunch of pre pregnancy reconstructive surgery just to hold the sucker in there without prolapsing. & they aren't even sure if that would work.

No thank you; not my jam.

& we are okay with that.

What about a surrogate, they ask?

No thanks.

Keith and I won't choose that route.

When and (if) we do choose to have kids, we will adopt. 

There are so many beautiful kiddos out there waiting for their forever home and that is what would be right for us.

For now, we are so happy just the two of us.

Because I can't carry, I have had an IUD (Mirena) for 8 years and was on the pill before that. 

A few months ago I started experiencing a lot of bleeding while getting down in the sheets with my hubby.

I ignored I do.

Finally, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I let my OBGYN know and went in to have things checked out.

It is something we have always needed to keep a close watch on.

With EDS I am at a much higher risk than normal for an IUD to penetrate my uterine wall.

A double edged sword but what is a girl to do.

It had thinned my uterine wall out so much that every time we would have intercourse the Mirena fingers would tear my uterus up.

She went ahead and removed it under ultrasound.

& now here I am.

I had my first non regulated period since 8th grade yesterday.

It was pretty terrible.

But I'm proud my body is healthy enough to have them again.

Now we give it a few months and decide who gets snipped.

& have to use condoms in the meantime. Gross.

If you have had a tubal ligation (not at the time of a c-section) please let me know. 

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