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For me, Christmas = Stress.

Don't need it.

Don't want it.

The stress that is.

So I simplified.

I stopped doing something that didn't feel good to me.

& guess what?! 

You can do that too!

It doesn't have to be Christmas related like mine.

Maybe you said no to hosting an event.

Maybe you said no to baking something for that club function.

It is okay to say no for your mental health.

Try it.

I dare you.


1. NO GIFTS : This hasn't been much of an issue for my family. My brother and I don't exchange. My parents are getting hamburger because they have none in their freezer and we have lots. & we don't exchange with the rest of our family.

When it comes to my in-laws, it's Keith's deal. I bowed out of that a couple years ago. His responsibility if he wants to get them something. Luckily he has a small family buying list too. Although, next year we will have a niece and nephew so things might be different. :)

2.  LOCATION : A couple years in a row we tried the Christmas Eve here thing and Christmas Day there thing. Keith is from Missouri. We hung that up this year. The first year we tried it, we made it to MO after stopping for four hip dislocations (I was in very poor health then). By the time we got there all I wanted was a nap. (I dreamed I was a giant blueberry that had exploded that day. No idea why. Well, probably the fact that my body was swollen to the max. Hence the hip dislocations. )The following year we tried it again. Opposite way this time. By the time we made it back to Iowa on Christmas Day we didn't even make it out to my parents house because we were so exhausted. Christmas wears us down. So, new rule. Christmas Eve/Day in Iowa this year, & next year in MO. Problem solved.

3. TIME : You don't have to stay all day and night! Do you. For our family, Christmas Eve is when we have the most people around. When we want to leave, we leave. That's it. If we need a quiet moment you will find us in the storage room in the basement. Shitballs, I gave it away. The best part about not having Christmas at your house is you can leave when you want. Ha.

4. FOOD : I bring my own. My diet is restrictive. When I bring my food I know what is in it. I always bring extra goodies for everybody else too. We do chili on Christmas Eve so I will bring a big pot of Mexican bean chili for the flock to dip into, along with some baked goods. & no, it doesn't bother me one bit that I can't eat most of the items at the shin dig. I'm happy to know my food and i'm happy I can eat again. 

That's it, folks.

That is how I am simplifying Christmas this year.

Not doing things I don't wish to do while enjoying the things I love to do.

I may not be a fan of Christmas, but I am a fan of my family.

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