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Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Holy Cannoli!! 31 days, hooray!!  We did it!

To everybody who tuned in for #everydaymay, who liked, commented, shared and subscribed, who offered support and shared their stories with me…you will never truly know how much it means. 

But a girl can try, right?

You helped occupy my mind during a pretty tough month. You allowed me to do what I was born to do; to listen and help people. You encouraged me to keep going. Your interest in my life and my condition allowed me to spread awareness. You expressed that my posts made you feel not so alone. You helped me become more comfortable expressing my genuine thoughts to the public. You helped me learn that I really enjoy writing. You helped me grow. You helped me feel even more comfortable in my skin.

There are so many more. You have all added so much joy to the last month of my life & I hope you know and hang onto that.

I’m that really annoying girl (& always have been) who truly believes there is a reason for everything that happens in your life. Good or bad, it’s meant to be there. It’s meant to help you grow. Does it suck sometimes?! Damn right it does! Nobody said life is easy. (If you’ve figured it out, i’m sure there are a lot of people who would appreciate your formula. I however, don’t want it. I’m going to keep doing life on a whim and hope like hell I succeed.) Life is full of emotions (not just our own), hardships and victories and we all handle them differently. & that’s okay. Comparison will never bring you joy. Do you. Be you. Stay happy.

I used this month as a way for all of you who know me to see a small portion of my life.  However, the goal of my website and YouTube channel has always been to share lifestyle adaptations for those battling similar conditions; things I wish I would have known.  I will of course be uploading content here and there that will relate to all of you, but just know that my content may shift a bit to reach people like me!

On that note, I truly hope each and every one of you were able to gain something over the month of #everydaymay that can be applied to you and your journey. Whether it was to be thankful for a good day instead of wallowing in a bad yesterday, a way to communicate with a friend who is chronically ill or how to offer support, they are all pieces that fuel your journey.

My MVP of the month is my cousin, Kris Reeves. She shared every single one of my #everydaymay posts! Thank you so much, Kris. I hope they reached somebody who needed to hear/read them. You are a rockstar!

I have a secret!

I have been working on something behind the scenes throughout the month of May.  I AM LAUNCHING A NEW AND IMPROVED WEBSITE!!!  The web address will remain the same, ( ).  I will be pulling my website on Friday evening (06.02.17, my brother's birthday) in an effort to transfer the domains and get the new one up and going. 

I will let you know when the new one is here!

Thank you all so much for hanging out with me this month!!  You mean more to me than Ross does Rachel. (That’s code for a lot if you didn’t know. Wait…HOOOLLLLDD UPPPP. If you didn’t know that, are you even a human?)

I’m honestly saying goodbye now. Bye.  Oooppsss.  I said bye. I meant… GOODBYE!!

Remember, "Count your Rainbows, not your Thunderstorms!"

xoxo Kirsten💕​

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