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Excuse me.

While I pat myself on the back.

But I am quite the badass.

I did it.

I have managed to keep myself away from that awful program at Mayo that they wanted me to go do.

You know.

The one where I was going to have to have probes stuck up my bum to rehab my intestinal prolapse.


I'm so sorry.

That was graphic.

But the truth.

About 13 months ago I made a deal with my OBGYN at Mayo and at UIHC (I know it seems strange, but for the kind of prolapse I have, it is cared for by an OBGYN). 

I asked for some time to rehab my prolapse on my own. 

To build my pelvic floor.

They agreed.

& gave me a full year to get things turned around.

& if I couldn't within that amount of time, I was going to have to go spend three more weeks at Mayo.

My OBGYN communicated with my PT and we have been working hard to turn things around.

I had to increase my sexcapades too. Not a bad deal.

I also became the queen of kegels. 

Like for real.

Kegel Queen.

No Mayo Clinic Pelvic Floor program for me. 

Thank you very much.

I'm like actually super proud of this.

I am the actual bomb.

Guys, things take work.

You have to make time for them if you want to change them.

They have to be a priority.

Over the last year, I only missed a handful of days working on my pelvic floor.

& I can't even say that. Because even if I didn't dedicate time to my PT I could always sit and do kegels while watching the boob tube, driving or cooking my dinner.

& it worked.

I will have to do maintenance, of course.

It's not like I can just quit and expect things to stay put.

But it isn't obstructing anything anymore.

I can go to the bathroom.

My pelvic floor is happy.

I am happy.

I dare you to choose something you want to work on this month and go for it.

Dedicate half an hour to exercise everyday for a month.

Stop drinking soda for a month.

Delete Facebook from your phone for a month.

& see what happens.

Guess what!

Once you consistently do something for a month...


Rock on, warriors.

Choose your thing.

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