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Updated: Feb 18, 2019

As Keith was getting ready to head out the door for work today, I was spraying down our kitchen appliances. I sprayed the cleaner low on the oven and asked him to get it. 

This was his response… ”Are you kidding?!! I can’t bend down today. It will make me too dizzy.”  He said this in his “she is an idiot, she should have already known this” tone.

He’s probably right, I should have remembered that when he is sick you might as well just send him to the tattoo parlor so they can write “Giant Pussy” on his forehead because just existing while sick is hard for him.

All jokes aside, I get it. I really do. I can’t imagine going from feeling 100 to anything less than. When you are chronically ill, you become immune to illness.  You always feel like you have the flu. Your body always aches. You don’t have a sick day. Instead, all your days are sick days. You learn to adjust. You move on.

As much as I wanted to yell at him that that is my everyday, to suck it up and kick his ass out the door, I chose not to. Instead, I chuckled and walked across the kitchen to the refrigerator and sat down on the ground and cleaned the lowest portion of the fridge hoping he would follow suit and see the big picture. Guess what, he did. & i’m sure the minute it rolled off his tongue he quickly realized his today is my everyday. But I swear if he hadn’t, i’d probably do something immature like not fill his M&M jar back up for days. Kidding.

Moral of the story? If somebody is sick, let them be. When you feel like poop you act like poop. Make it a little easier for them and baby the shit out of them. After all, we all need some TLC.

Remember, "Count your Rainbows, not your Thunderstorms!"

xoxo Kirsten 💕​​

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