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So today was a big day.

I said goodbye to my shower chair.

I put her in the attic where she belongs.

To be honest, it has been months since I've needed her for the purpose she was once serving.

She became a resting bench to sit on while the I soaked up the warmth of the water cascading down my body.

I don't need her anymore.

Having time to get from a standing position to the bottom of the shower when I needed to wasn't always an option.

She made it easier.

Standing without my blood pooling to my feet, my BP dropping and my HR shooting sky high wasn't always an option.

She made it easier.

& I'm thankful for that.

But, she has served her purpose and will now stay captive in my attic (for what I hope will be many years).

Thanks for being there.

But, byeeee bitch.

I hope you are celebrating a victory this weekend, big or small.

If not, what are you waiting for?!!

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