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Hi Friends!!

I hope this post has found you happy and healthy.

I am swell.

My body is requiring so much more sleep than I'm accustomed to. I'm talking like 10 hours a night; no naps.

I'm sure it is due to all the radical healing going on inside. 

While I'm completing my daily to-do lists, there hasn't been much leftover time for all the "fun stuff".

But, that's okay. I'll take the rest. After all, it used to be a stranger.

One thing not on that to do list that I did make time for...


I make a batch of almond milk about every 5 days. (Or wherever kind of nut milk I'm feeling that day. Let's be honest, usually almond.)

Don't throw the pulp away! You can use it in so many things.

The options are endless.

Dehydrate it and make almond flour, use it in homemade granola, bake any of your treats with it, etc.

My favorite is cookies. It's easy and limitless.

I collect the nut pulp and store it in the freezer until I have a cup or two to work with. (Also, I don't keep the nut pulp separate. If I have hazelnut pulp, almond pulp, cashew pulp, etc. it all gets thrown in the same container.)

My cookies are usually just a throw everything together until I get the consistency and flavor combo I like kind of thing, but in order to turn it into a blogpost I had to take measurements.

Oh, boy! Nah, it wasn't bad. & the cookies turned out phenomenal! 

I will call them:



1 C nut milk pulp

1/2 C almond flour (or coconut)

2 T nut butter, I used Crazy Richard's creamy natural peanut butter

2 T coconut oil

4 T raw honey

2 T cacao powder (3T if you want them super chocolatey)

1/4 t sea salt

Optional additions: dried tart cherries, dark chocolate chips (I used EnjoyLife) & almond slices.


1. Preheat oven to 350 F

2. In a bowl, combine the coconut oil, honey and nut butter. Mix to form a paste. Add the rest of the ingredients. Mix ingredients using a fork to smoosh it all together.

3. Stir in cherries, chocolate chips and almond slices. The options are endless here. Pick whatever you have on hand.

4. Scoop out with cookie scoop onto a lined baking tray. Flatten with fork.

5. Bake 12 minutes. Allow to cool. Enjoy!

The cookie texture is a cross between a cake and a brownie. Make sure to have some homemade nut milk to accompany it!

These are healthy, gooey and chocolatey. What could be better.



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