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Yesterday I came at you with a list of 5 things you can do to improve your life.

I promise they will get you where you want to be as long as you stick with them.

Because of that list, something happened this morning that felt so far away yesterday.


That one is staying at the top of my accomplishments list for awhile. 

It's huge.

I feel like I'm 13 again.

This is a major health victory.


I haven't had it in 5+ years.

About 5 years ago it became pretty obvious that I was dealing with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). While my OBGYN knew this was the truth, there wasn't a whole lot that could be done at the time with all the other issues I had popping up. This one had to take the back burner for awhile.

Then, this past January I got the actual diagnosis from her. It was one of those, so we both know you've been dealing with PCOS for a while now. My reaction was, "excuse me?" While it was mentioned many times and I've had so many issues with ovarian cysts over the years, I just never really connected the dots. Probably intentionally. I thought PCOS was one issue and ovarian cysts were another. While they can be, my continually rupturing cysts were most likely a result of PCOS.

Other symptoms of PCOS for me have been the typical male characteristics. You know, facial hair and a receding hair line. I'm not talking some peach fuzz, guys. Im talking black whiskers, dammit. Not just a few either. It's a full time job tending to them. My receding hair line secret? Part your hair in the middle. It's not just a receding hair line either, its a loss of hair in the entire front portion of my head. You can see my scalp in multiple places anytime my hair is pulled back.

It is what it is.

The magic, however, came from the liver detox program. 

Bet you didn't know how much of a role your liver plays on your hormones and the female reproductive system.

Huge role. Huge.

I will link a good article below if you want to know more.

Also, I will outline my detox program in a future post, but if you are interested now, rely on Anthony William, Medical Medium.

It's no secret that my body has issues. Female stuff naturally gets put on the back burner when other things in our system are not functioning at par. We don't need it. It's used as a way to conserve energy and to heal other issues. Our bodies are in survival mode and our ovaries are the last thing it wants to expend energy on. If you are having trouble with pregnancy, look to your liver. It's worth a try. Female reproduction takes a lot of energy, which is why you feel so fatigued during that time of the month.

Naturally, excitement set in when I realized what was happening this morning. 

Can you blame a girl?

This was my reaction:

SHOCK. What the hell. More shock. This can't be. It's too soon. Shock. Panic. Wait. Yes. This is it. I got my period. Hands in the air, spirit fingers flicking. Tears. Feet stomping. Shock. More shock. Racing heart. Tears. Dancing. Twirling. Tears. Screaming for Keith. More tears. More dancing. A lot of Holy Fucks. Crying. More feet stomping. A call to my Mom. I feel like I'm 13. I just got my period. Cat lifted into the air while screaming victory. A cat bite. Cat dancing. The rush is over. Adrenaline lingers. A natural high.

I DID IT!! ON MY OWN. A feeling of completeness. Full circle. The feeling of healing.

Yes, I had guidance from some really great medical professionals, but I did the work. I made it happen. I didn't rely on medication, a procedure, somebody to tell me to do it or pure luck. I put in the work and got the results. Sooner than I was expecting, too. GO ME!

Don't give up, guys.

Whatever it is your are trying to overcome, engulf it fully. 

Don't get discouraged in moments of failure.

Pick up that list and remind yourself how great you are.

We all have bad moments.

Don't make it a bad life.

If you drive by my house you will see a large red dot spray painted on my lawn in celebration. 

Just kidding.

I wish. 💃🏼

Also, my boobs really hurt.

Go get whatever it is you're looking for.



Here is the link I promised you about the correlation between your liver and hormones:

Also linking Anthony William's website:

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