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Well, guys.

It's been a year.

A whole year since I launched this blog.

I have one main thing to report...

It was the best damn trip around the sun I've ever had.

My life is so different from last year.

I would never have enough words to express the change a year can make, but i'm gonna try.

This will ALWAYS be a blog about chronic illness.

But now, now I get to share how I'm healing.

How I will continue to heal.

The obstacles that come along the way.

The vibes I choose to surround myself with.

The food that nourishes me.

The power of good habits.

In a world of chronic illness outbreak, I am going to share my journey towards healing.

So you can heal too.

I write. 

It's just something I do.

I enjoy it.

It is my art.

It is my escape.

Once the pen is on paper, I can let it go. 

Let it free.

It no longer consumes me.

Throughout this last year, I wrote a lot.

Some of it was dark.

Some of it was happy. 

I have combined some entries from over the last couple years and turned it into something.

It's deep.

It's raw.

It makes my heart race. 

It makes me feel uncomfortable.

It is a very vulnerable piece for me so be nice, please.

she is power


frightened of herself

scared of everything

lost, can't find her way

everything spins when she stands

to eat is misery

what is sleep

feelings of worthlessness, pity and disgust overwhelm her

she cries for help 

but the words never leave her lips

she isn't heard

can't you see it behind her eyes

there is so much pain there

she is struggling

help her

heal her

she is ready

there is light everywhere

her perspective shifts

healing becomes an option

new habits form

hope is within reach

she has changed

she is happy

she is healing

healing is power

she is power

There it is.

Out in the universe for the whole world to read.

I hope you liked it.

If there is specific content you want to see from me, let me know in the comments or inbox me. 

The recurring theme has been my food shenanigans; you all want to see that. 

It's coming. Promise.

Have an awesome week! 

(BTW...we are no longer signing off the same way.)

Doing whatever floats my boat on that particular day from now on.

Today -

Go grab somebody you love and kiss the hell out of them. (It can be a pet!) 😜



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