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Updated: Feb 18, 2019

I have an important message I need to convey as all the younger generations head off to school to fulfill their purpose.

{SIDE NOTE FIRST : To all of you out there trying to find your place in the world and are constantly brought down by the older generation telling you you are doing it wrong. I am sorry some don’t know your worth. }

To my fellow millennials - you have accomplished more positive change in our world than any generation before you. Be proud. #endpeptalk}


Life is hard.

I think we all understand this by now.

There are hardships.

People bringing you down.

Misjudgments. Lots of misjudgments.

Guess what?

They will never go away.

But it is 100% okay for you to separate yourself from souls who find it necessary to belittle you.

Guess what else?

Change is okay!



<<  It signifies growth. >>

Think if you were the same person at 30 as you were at 20. What a boring life of no memories.

It is okay to change your mind about things. (I’m so sorry if you have been told otherwise.)

Our life is not predetermined and set in a concrete sidewalk.

It’s more like play dough.

Play dough is fun.

It’s sticky.

It’s moldable.

It dries out and needs brought back to life.

And in my opinion, it smells fantastic.

Be you and be okay in that.

My Dad has said for as long as I can remember, “Do not judge a man before he is 30, because by the time he is 30, he may be one hell of a man.”

It is one thing to walk with somebody and help them through an unfortunate path, but it is a completely different scenario to stand by and judge their path.

To the youngin’s : 

You can change your mind about who you love.

You can change your mind about your political party, kids and your job.

You can change your mind about what it is you want for your life. Every part of it.

To the old bags and geezers :

It is okay for you to change your life too if you aren’t happy with it. It's never too late.

You don’t get to choose somebody’s life for them; that’s their job.

Just because somebody may do something different than you would, doesn’t mean they are doing it the wrong. 

Sorry if you are offended by my “old bag and geezers” title. It’s meant to be funny. I mean, come on...we all know there are a few of you out there (just as their are “punk’s”). But tonight, this one is for the kids.

Ways this girl has changed :

1. My political views change constantly, but I will ALWAYS hate HMO’s. HATE THEM!

2. I’m trying really hard not to correct my husband’s grammar.

3. I have more than one indoor pet even though I said I never would.

4. I like coffee. Still working on the tomato thing.

5. I only wash my hair like once or twice a week now.

6. I no longer want to marry Donald Duck or Michael Jordan.

7. I have no interest in being a nurse.

8. I gave a public speech and didn’t get nervous for the first time.

9. I’m finally comfortable with who I am.


Remember, "Count your Rainbows, not your Thunderstorms!"

xoxo Kirsten💕​​

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