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Yesterday was Rare Disease Day.

I skipped it.


Because is disease really that rare?

I don't think so.

Maybe 20 years ago.

Not now.

Now we are being annihilated with illness.

It is literally closing in and suffocating us.

The majority of our lives revolve around it whether it's ourself, our parents or our kids.

Young adults are dropping out of college because of it. 1/15. That's a scary ass number.

Parents are unable to get out of bed and care for their children.

Employees are sprinting from their office cubicles to the bathroom between calls because their intestinal issues have spun out of control. But, they can't quit their job cause they need the money to survive and those benefits so they can afford their medical bills.

Illness is everywhere.

Health is rare.

I want you to think about something.

Take your immediate family.

How many of them are ill? Count all chronic illness, cancer, disease, anxiety, depression, addiction, heart disease, mental illness, diabetes, thyroid issues, etc. Count it all. 

What is your tally? [Kirsten's total 3/4]

Keith tallied his at 3/4 too. If he added me it would be 4/5.

Now add grandparents. [Kirsten's total 7/8]

Lastly, add aunts and uncles. [Kirsten's total 10/14]

That's fucking nuts.

How did we get here?!

Now don't get me wrong. I know rare disease day isn't about diabetes, anxiety, etc.

But the truth of the mater is those were once rare too.

When I was diagnosed with EDS in 2005, it was estimated that 1/300,000 people had it.

Now, they estimate 1 in 2,500 - 5,000.

Let's break that down a little further. I live in a town with a population just under 4,000. In my town alone, I can easily count 4 hands (20 people) worth of people that I know for sure have EDS.

That's not rare.

That's just rarely diagnosed.

Every year, new illnesses and new symptoms bombard us.

Nobody is "faking it" because it didn't exist last year.

Gluten allergies were not thrown at us out of thin air.

Over time, we as a species contributed to that allergy/intolerance. 

In our "never enough" world have we have created such an abundance of unnatural, manmade products that are in turn destroying us?!  

It's time to dial it back.

Simplicity, people.

I had a wise Mayo doctor give me her perspective on the matter. 

"We never would have been put on this earth without the things we need to survive. That just doesn't make sense."

To those of you reading this who do have your health, cheers to you. You are rare. Keep it up!

To those of you reading this who struggle with your health. MIND/MATTER. Your body is on your side and much more capable of healing than you give it credit for. Treat it well. Be good to it. Take your health back.

My challenge to you: Eat a piece of fruit everyday for the next week. I will recommend my new favorite, Ruby Tangos.

Happy March!



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