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Time to talk about how you can say goodbye to shingles and the zoster virus.


No antivirals, steroids or pain medications.

We are talking discipline here.

Reducing stress, using the right supplements, eating the right foods and steering clear of foods that will give the zoster virus a nice little home to thrive and replicate in.

& did I mention mine were gone in 8 days? 

The pain anyway.

The rash stuck around for right around two weeks.

Awesome if you ask me.

My system had such a quick recovery because eight months prior I had removed the things that can cause a flare by switching to a plant based diet. 

I was, however, under stress which is what triggered my flare.

I was heading to Europe for a month. 

One week in Italy with my cousin and nearly three weeks on my own in Barcelona, Spain.

Not even a year out from completing Mayo's Pain Rehabilitation Program.

What the hell was I doing. (Read this as "awesome shit".)


1. Dairy :

Dairy bogs down the liver and prevents toxins from leaving the body. The zoster virus is a toxin. By consuming dairy you are literally telling that virus, "here you go honey...I made your bed for just stay right there and get comfortable".

Additionally, if you are dairy sensitive it will keep your body from absorbing nutrients from the food you eat. Major suck. According to my immunologist, a whopping 65% of the world population is sensitive to dairy. The majority of us just haven't figured it out yet because there are so many reasons to blame our digestion issues on.

2. Eggs :

Not much to say here, except that eggs will feed a virus.

3. Corn : 

Corn feeds pathogens. Pathogens are bacteria, viruses or microorganisms that causes disease.

This includes corn feed beef and other animal products. Stick to grass fed in this time period.

* Be careful, "grass fed" can simply mean it ate some grass as well as a corn diet. Know your source. If the package says "grass fed and finished" that is ideal.

4. Wheat : 

Again, wheat feeds pathogens.

5. Canola Oil :

Canola oil feeds pathogens and breaks down organ linings.

6. Natural Flavors :

Natural flavors are not natural. It is MSG, a neurotoxin. MSG destroys nerve cells.

Once the virus is gone, you can add the first four foods back into your diet if you chose.

It is recommended that if you chose to consume dairy you do so with organic, whole milk. It is the least processed.

Eggs should be pasture-raised.

Corn should be organic and non GMO.


Apples : help reduce inflammation caused by viral and bacterial infections.

Avocados : have anti-inflammatory properties like aspirin, without thinning your blood.

Bananas :antiviral and contain abundant amounts of potassium which is the most crucial nutrient for neurotransmitter function.

Cranberries :one of the most powerful liver cleansers.

Oranges :antiviral.

Red Cabbage :rejuvenates the liver.

Kale :anti-inflammatory, aids in destroying viruses, stimulates new cell growth and produces healthy connective tissue. 

Cucumber :revitalizes a stagnant liver, reverses liver damage, produces ultimate cell hydration and filters out toxins.

Potatoes :high in potassium and produces Lysine which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiviral component.

Herbs : Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Cat's Claw, Cilantro, Ginger, Lemon Balm & Licorice Root.

Chaga Mushroom :builds immunity by increasing WBC's to fight off infection

Coconut : comparable to IV fluids, coconut water contains all the minerals salts our body needs to function. Coconut meat is antiviral.

Nettle Leaf :highly anti-inflammatory.


These are the ones I used. I will note my dosage and link to Amazon the brand I used.

ALA (alpha lipoid acid) : I used 100 mg every morning.

Magnesium : I used 120 mg every morning.

Vitamin B12 : I used 2,000 mcg every morning.

Licorice Root : I used 1 milliliter morning and night.

Zinc : one half dropper full every morning.

L-lysine : one 500 mg pill morning and night

Nettle Leaf : one 225 mg pill morning and night.

Here are some other supplements that are recommended that I did not use. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

EPA & DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid)



California Poppy


My Immunologist recommended that I use the supplements for 6-8 months.

I stopped using all of the supplements (except B12, because everybody should take that) at the beginning of November which was just over 6 months of use. 

I will be adding Nettle Leaf back into my day next time I place an Amazon order.

I'm hoping it helps my nerve pain and inflammation caused by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. 


You have got to reduce it.

Stress weakens the immune system allowing the zoster virus to attack.


Do yoga.

Get enough sleep.

Cut crappy people out.

Say no to stressful situations.

Stop overcommitting. 

I know that was a lot of information to throw at you so if you have any questions please reach out.

& if you have shingles try this! 

Or if you know somebody who has them send this their way.

I encourage you to read all of the books by Anthony William, which is where a lot of this information is coming from.

His protocol is what I have used for the last fifteen months which has allowed me to heal all my ailments naturally.

His work was recommended by my Immunologist after I expressed I was on the holistic path.

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