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sayulita, mexico travel guide 🌴🌊☀️


Hope this post is coming at you feeling happy and healthy and with the sun shining on your face.

If not, I know the perfect remedy for that...


I hope you enjoy this post and come back to reference it someday. I worked really hard on it! ☺️

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After years of travel to the Nayarit region and spending quite a bit of time in Sayulita since 2022, I thought it was time to highlight some of my favorite places here.

Supply you with a guide of what to do and where to go.

Sayulita is situated north of Puerto Vallarta and is the perfect health and wellness hub. Think "mini Bali".

Nobody cares if you wear your swimsuit to dinner, the music scene is excellent, the beaches are suburb, the food is incredible and the level of soul healing opportunities are unmatched.

If you're looking for an easy vacation and live in the Midwest (USA), Sayulita is such a perfect location.

Nayarit is situated just north of the state of Jalisco which is where the ever popular resort town of Puerto Vallarta is. It also houses the airport you would fly into.

If you are on central time, they observe the same time zone (except they don't observe daylight savings so if you go in the summer months there will be an hour difference).

The flight from Chicago (ORD) to Puerto Vallarta (PVR) is just under 4 hours.

Best travel dates are outside of rainy season (mid November to mid May).

Transport from the airport to Sayulita takes about 45 minutes but the drive is full of adventure as you move through the fun, vibrant, full of life towns and make your way into the jungle for a scenic drive to your destination.

Plus there are many side-of-the road stores selling all kinds of food and goods which your driver would be more than happy to stop at for you.

One of the things I hold closest to my heart about this area of Mexico is the people. They are extraordinary. Of all the places I have been, I've never seen such a happy group of humans. They are truly a delight.

We love staying outside of Puerto Vallarta simply because we enjoy being submersed within the culture rather than belly up at a hotel pool bar or buffet.

We want the street tacos, the singing waiters serving you the day's catch and the off the beaten path beaches that are not crowded.

Bucerias and Sayulita are our favorite hubs when we are in the area.

Both offering totally different experiences.

But today we are focusing on Sayulita.

We love to stay on the north end of town (which I will talk more about later) but first we have to talk about the newest accommodation we visited while in Sayulita in January 2024.


I mean, look. 👀

Stunning, right?

Casitas Patz is located just south of the town of Sayulita in the state of Nayarit, Mexico.

Let me take you on a little adventure.

Casitas Patz is the place to go when you need a full reset.

Time for the mind to rest, nature to sing and and your soul to be restored. A place of healing.

With only two casitas on the property, it feels like the most private sanctuary.

The place for a true nature bath.

Situated in the jungle on the most beautiful property, this slice of heaven is truly leaning into nature and working alongside her.

The dipping pool system has been constructed to accommodate a series of waterfalls leading from one plunge pool to the next. The combination of the flowing water and the plant and fish species (in the final "pond" on the system which you don't swim in) help keep the water clean so there is no need for use of salt or chlorine. 👏🏼

The water used as a vacationer gets reused to water all the lush plants in the area as well as the many fruit trees they have planted for your own consumption.

The casitas have been built with many reused items and meant to not disrupt the existing nature. In fact, one of the casitas is built around a fig tree. Meaning the tree is within the casita (picture # 3).

How beautiful are these reclaimed doors? Picture two is the casita we stayed in.

Not only is the accommodation complete magic, but the additional options for full relaxation are incredible. Think massage, private yoga, sound healing, cold plunge therapy. Whatever your little heart desires, Sabri and Jose will make it happen.

Keith and I wanted a massage for one of the mornings we were there and I connected with Jose and he made it happen. I didn't have to do anything but answer the door. Also, it was a damn good massage!

Each casita has a nice kitchen equipped with all the essentials you would need for cooking, a large refrigerator/freezer and a double induction cooktop.

The two casitas are called "Palm House" and "Tree House".

A little casita tour for you!

We stayed in the Palm House and the bathroom was glorious. To sit in the tub under the skylight and see the stars while listening to nature is surreal.

& the bedroom! Propping open the windows in the morning and letting the birds sing you awake is a major vibe.

Also, this place is like ultra romantic. Excellent place to stay for an anniversary.

I can't talk about this place without mentioning the beach!

Playa Patzcuaro is a 5 minute walk along the river and is absolutely stunning.

When you first arrive, it looks like a typical resort style beach with tons of palms lining the way but if you keep walking through the rocks it becomes the most beautiful beach scenery.

The beach is not busy at all, but if you make your way all the way to the section where the rocks meet the ocean, you are bound to have it to yourself most of the day. We were there for 5 hours and had one family walk by. It was amazing!

If you get the chance to visit this place, I recommend a three night stay.

& here is a little timeline of what to do. 😁


  • Check in at 3PM and get a lovely tour of the space and settle in. Order some dinner to be delivered and have a relaxing evening reading a good book and listening to nature sing you to sleep.


  • Use the morning to enjoy the space. Make some breakfast. Take a dip in the plunge pools. Journal, meditate and get a workout in overlooking the lush jungle.

  • Head into Sayulita for lunch and bop around town. Check out the shops and the culture. Enjoy the markets. The beach on the north end is so quiet and beautiful if you want some solitude. You can also rent a chair for the day on the main beach and have some cocktails and food. I will give some recommendations below on restaurants and fun things to do.

  • Grab some fresh fish and veggies at the local market on your way out of town and head back to make dinner in the beautifully equipped kitchen.

  • Wash the day off in the lovely bath underneath the stars and tuck in early.


  • Get up and get those legs moving. There are so many beautiful hikes right outside the gates of the accommodation. Monkey mountain is our favorite and only takes about three hours round trip. The view of the entire bay is incredible.

  • Have a massage lined up for when you get back and melt into the touch and sounds surrounding you. Our massage there was one of the best I've had. They set up right in our living room overlooking the jungle.

  • Order some street tacos for lunch delivery!

  • Grab your umbrella and chairs + a few snacks & drinks and head to the beach for the afternoon. Enjoy a book and each others company. Enjoy the solitude of a quiet, beautiful beach.

  • Get yourself cleaned up and head into Sayulita for a nice dinner. Enjoy the evening there. There are always so many restaurants and bars that have live music, DJ's, karaoke. So much fun to be had.


  • Maybe you stayed out a little later than normal the night before and a sleep-in sounds lovely.

  • Checkout is at 11 AM but this is a perfect morning to hop in the cold plunge and end your stay in a beautiful headspace with some yoga and/or a sound bath. They will set it all up for you if you ask.

What a beautiful place to cold plunge!

How perfect does that timeline sound?

A little health and wellness, some relaxation and some fun.

Can't beat it.

The reason I recommend a three night stay at Casitas Patz is because of the location. It is more convenient to be in town. You can rent a golf cart and bop around to the town restaurants, activities and beaches as you wish. You can't take the golf carts on the highway, but you have to use the highway to get from town to Casitas Patz. But if you don't mind calling a taxi it is a lovely space to restore.


  • Mary's! This is an absolute MUST if you are in Sayulita. Everything is good, but our favorites are the "The Badass Burrito" and "Mary's Fajita Platter". OMG. 🤤 The hibiscus margarita is phenomenal too!

  • Orangy is my go to for smoothies! They are so good! I recommend the "Sunburst" smoothie or "Litibu" and make it a bowl. Incredible. You really can't go wrong with any of them. They are also kind enough to add my protein when I bring it.

  • Chaman Creative Kitchen is on the north end of town and has all kinds of amazing food. Their breakfast is great too (really great gluten-free & regular pancakes). Their cacao popsicle is a delight and reminds me of a fudgesicle. At night they always have live music.

  • Street tacos are one of our favorite things to eat. Here are a few of our favorite stands : Taco Tal Ivan (has a few locations), Tacos Al Pastor Diaz & Taquiero Los Reyes.

  • Also, I am unsure of the name, but there is a lovely man who sets up just outside Orangy for breakfast and lunch only. He serves barbacoa tacos and they are some of the best ever. Don't miss him and his son.

  • Pizza Venezia on the North end is phenomenal. There is so much great Italian food in Mexico; make sure to try it. This is one of the most authentic pizza places I've been to outside of Italy.

  • Wakika has the best popsicles and ice cream. If they have the lemon pie milk based popsicle it is a must. Any of the fruit and water based ones are awesome too, but lime is my favorite! & the coconut ice cream is seriously the best I've ever had. WOW!

  • Sayuswirls is another great ice cream place. You can choose your base (banana, real milk, almond milk, coconut milk) and then your fruit + toppings. They blend it right there in front of you. My go to is raspberry with a coconut base.

  • Bar La Isla is right on the beach towards the main part of town (but also on the edge of the hustle and bustle/crowds) and is a great spot to cool down and spend the afternoon. Lots of food and drink options. They have a great shaded area or some chairs on the beach.

  • Las Sirenas Beach Club is on the North end and the perfect place to watch the sunset. Their margaritas are delicious. It's a very small little palapa that they rebuild every season after the storms roll through during hurricane season but we love it.


  • Casa Selva - we have stayed here twice now and it is amazing. It's on the north end, which like I said, is our preferred location. Easy to walk into town, but not noisy like downtown.

  • Condominio Maraica was another incredible stay. We booked through AirBnB and I wanted to go back here in 2024 but it was booked. Great kitchen, phenomenal location on the north end, washer/dryer, two bedrooms, a great pool and steps from the beach. There are other units that are bookable on Air BnB also so make sure to check them out too!

  • Hotelito Los Suenos is also on the north end. I have not stayed here but have participated in their daily yoga class as well as a rooftop breath work session. It's a beautiful space and a great option if you prefer a hotel. Fair warning : it isn't an all-inclusive style, pool bar, hotel type of place if that's what you're after. But if you're coming to Sayulita those are pretty sparse.


  • Nirvana Spa is a dream of a place offering all kinds of massage and facial combos for a great price.

  • The Rose Room on the north side is a great yoga studio!

  • Buy a day pass to one of the beach clubs for the day! La Joya is a great space and you can email them at to book in.

  • Alchemize House is a wellness center offering cold plunge, yoga, pilates, breath work and sound healing.

  • Check out Vallarta Adventures for any of your excursions.

  • Sayulita is a golf cart town. There are so many rental places so make sure to check them out. They are roughly $50 per day but you can get deals if you rent by the week.

  • @sayulitasocial on Instagram highlights all the days and weeks activities going on and you will also see posters plastered everywhere. There is truly something for everybody.

  • Uber and inDrive are great apps for getting around. Taxis are great too, just more expensive. I like using the apps because I don't have to handle cash.

  • There are many locations in Sayulita where you can exchange USD for pesos without having your passport. There are also ATM's scattered everywhere which is what we use. A lot of places in Sayulita only accept cash so make sure to have some on you.

  • @munchlymx on Instagram is Sayulita's delivery service. If you want to order food to your accommodation it's great. You simply text them what you want, from what restaurant, and at what time and where you would like it delivered and they bring it to you. They only accept cash.

  • Make sure you've downloaded WhatsApp before you go so you can contact any business or taxi without being charged roaming.

I have to give a shoutout to the beaches on the north end because they are truly magical.

& look how cute the town is!

If you make a trip, I NEED to see pictures and hear all about it.


If you are interested in seeing pieces of our time in both Bucerias and Sayulita check out this video!

Hope you all are having a happy day!

As always, feel free to reach out whenever.

Like, comment and share this post.

It really helps me out more than you know.

Thanks for being here. 🫶🏼


Kirsten ☀️

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