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THE TRUTH (Part 3/3)



Here we go.

Last part of the series.

Why I quit posting to the blog.


There it is. 

In all it's glory.

I stopped uploading because it was causing discomfort.

As much as I wanted to continue sharing my journey with you all, it just didn't seem like a healthy choice for me at the time.

I was going through so many changes.

Dealing with new diagnoses.

Saying goodbye to traditional Western medicine practices while living in an area where they are held in high esteem.

Changing to a plant based diet when animal agriculture gave me my livelihood. 

Trying to find who I was and where the hell I fit in.

Those things ... they were hard.

& I just couldn't imagine carrying the critiques of others at the time as well.

Fast forward eight months and a new major discomfort came to light for me.


& it still terrifies me everyday.

But I know I have the strength within and the tools close by to stay strong.

It scares me becuase, like my Mom, I will do something for you before I do it for me.

& while that is a beautiful trait to have, I have learned it isn't attainable.

I have learned that to keep my momentum I have to carry out my routine first.

Then I can perform acts of service.

Backwards to the way I've always done life.

& that scared me.

But there comes a time when you realize you first, the rest next.

You have to be happy and healthy before you can expend energy on other people and things.

& now, I am finally in a place where I am confident with myself and my goals that I can start sharing again.

I can teach you how I healed.

& I don't care about the critiques I may receive.

Because without awareness, there is no free choice.

This lifestyle has the ability to change you.

To make you happy and whole.

& to those who don't agree with my way of life.

That's okay, because I don't do it for you.

I do it for me. 

& I do it for the people who DM me on Instagram thanking me for sharing my journey.

The ones that write me to tell me something I said resonated with them.

I do it for those who want their life back and don't know where to start.

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