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In this space you will find:

Truth-filled, soul deepening blogposts about my life, thoughts and wildest dreams.

Opportunities to work with me.


Inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle.

Products I love.

Free PDF content.

I would love to help each and every one of you, but my specialties include: woman's health, overcoming chronic illness and plant based eating for healing. My programs are tailored to each individual so don't be shy to reach out.

This space is a safe zone.

A place to build each other up.

A place to help one another bridge the gap between our current reality and our dream life.

A space where honesty is treasured and integrity is key. 

A place that celebrates your own unique health journey no matter where you are on your path. 

about me


Hi there internet friend! 

I'm Kirsten - Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach from a small town in Iowa. You will often find me cuddling my cats, reading and spending time out in nature. I am infected with the travel bug and love to cook.

Thanks for checking out the space!



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