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It's been a minute.

Since we've been to Arizona.

But, I must document all the fun we had.  🤗

Keith and I took a trip to Arizona in October to see my brother & Paige and my grandpa.

Bonus, we got to see some friends too!

We had a fantabulous time.

It was Keith's first time in AZ! 😳

Let me tell you all about it.

We hit the airport late one afternoon.

& hopped on our flight.

Check out the woman straight chillin' behind Keith.


Major goals.

Once we got to Phoenix and to grandpas house (Alan & Paige picked us up at the airport) it was 7 PM (9PM our time) so we darted off to dinner.

It was the best meal I had all week.

Actually, to be honest, this salad was the best thing I had all week.

I also had spaghetti and meatballs which were good, but this was one of the best salads I've ever had. Their house made vinaigrette was unreal.

The food game has to be better next time; I will make that a priority.

But the company was superior and that trumps all.

Not sure why Keith turned out fuzzy in this photo, but it's still a 10/10.

Full of people I love.

The next morning, Keith and I got up and got our bodies moving and took a little walk around the hood.

Check out this dead cactus skeleton.

So cool.

I want one.

The flower - Keith started this thing in Mexico (circa 2009/2010) where he would pick these little red flowers that line the hotel driveways we always stay at and give them to me. He calls them "I love you flowers". & now anywhere we go where there is a little red flower, he picks it and does the same thing.

It's pretty disgusting. & adorable.

Surprise! He's pretty sweet.

We also made it to the Dae Hair showroom so I could buy some hair goods.

We took it easy that evening.

Keith watched some TV with Grandpa Terry, Alan worked and Paige and I went to Costco.

I made tuna sandwiches for dinner.

The next day, we got up and got to go flying!

We flew up to Payson and landed for some breakfast.

It was Keith's first time in a little plane.

He did pretty good.

Said it isn't his favorite thing in the world, but would do it again.

I enjoy it. Very much.

Hello, Payson.

Nice to see you again.

It was a bit chilly up in that elevation.

haha!  👇🏼

Keith is taller than the plane. LOL.

Two ultra cook dudes talking planes.

The restaurant is in the background.

Hi Sedona!

After flying, we went back to Grandpa's (home base) and crashed for a nap.

The time change defeated us this trip.

Then we were off to see some friends and stay there for the evening.

Took ourselves a little neighborhood walk to see all the fun halloween decorations.

How cute (& simple) is this tree!

They really get down with the halloween vibes in AZ.

& then once the kiddos went to bed, we played.

Hard as you can see. LOL.

This is unfortunately the only picture I captured of humans that evening.

This is my friend, Lizzy. We've been friends since middle school.

Stopped by Fresh Market on our way there and snagged me some kombucha beer.

I grabbed two flavors, this one and a raspberry lemonade.

Both good, but this one was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.

If you see it around, pick it up! & send me some!

The next day we spent with Alan and Paige.

My whole heart.

Paige and I went shopping while Alan and Keith stayed back at the apartment and did guy things like watch football and fart.

I fell in love with these pants.

I think Paige and I could drive around aimlessly for hours playing good tunes, not speaking a word to one another and wholeheardly feel each others entire exsistance at the same time. Soul sister.

When Paige and I got back to the apartment, the dudes were on the rooftop watching the sunset.

How cute. 😍

Paige snapped this of me.

A little sunset chaser, I am.

Then the 5 of us headed off to dinner at a Mexican cantina.

Didn't get any photos of the grub, but did get some of us.

Self timer for the win.

Now, selfie time.

One of my favorite humans.

The next day we did breakfast with Grandpa Terry's bother and his wife, and headed off to their house for a few hours. Again, no pictures, but they had kitties. So I was in heaven!

We headed back to Alan's after and had some major lounge time at his place.

& roof viewing.

Then headed back to Grandpa's and made some dinner.

The next morning we went to the airfield where Grandpa Terry and his pals fly their little remote control planes. It was fucking awesome. & the old dudes were so cool. Again, no pictures. Sorry.

We headed back to Alan's place for lunch and said our goodbyes. Then off to the airport to head home.

It was such a great trip.

I kind've love not being so close to Alan & Paige anymore.

I feel like the distance really makes us appreciate the times we do have that much more.

Can't wait to see you guys in Mexico.

Man are we gonna do it up.

One note to take from this post : enjoy your life. don't wait. start enjoying it now.


Kirsten ☀️

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