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one day

you will wonder

who's life you lived

was it truly yours

or somebody else's

did your actions represent your thoughts

did your thoughts represent your soul

was your vessel in alignment

One life.

One life, guys.

That's what you get.

Is it going how you want?


A lot of us are frightened by it.

Some of us seek it.

But one thing holds true.

Change = Growth

If you take a look at your life and are completely honest with yourself about where you are versus where you want to be, you HAVE to make conscious changes to get there. 

You have to. 

You will never create the life you wish for following the same journey.

Growth can't happen if you stay in the same place.

I know it can sometimes be hard to hear our own truths.

But I encourage you to do that this weekend.

Choose one thing that isn't going well for you.

Be honest with yourself about how you can change it.


Choose one thing that isn't making you happy and think of what you can do to actively change it.

Hit me up if you have your "what" but need help with the "how to".

Change expert here to help you.

Some common examples may include:

1. WEIGHT - are you really doing everything you can to get healthy and fit or are you blaming it on your hormones and not taking responsibility. A simple step may be to dedicate 15-20 minutes in the morning to fitness. Or an hour a couple times a week. Do what you can. 

2. DEPRESSION - what is the source? Is there somebody in your life who drags you down every time you speak to them? If so, stop! You don't have to keep absorbing their energy when it is dragging you down. Who has time for that?!

3. WORK - are you bringing your negative work attitude into the house when you get home? How does it feel when your spouse does the same? Or when your kids come home complaining about school? Take 10-20 minutes in your car before you head into the house to ground and recharge. Listen to an encouraging podcast, meditate, throw on some tunes. You may feel like you're losing time with you're family, but your 10-20 minutes spent alone will increase your ability to connect.

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