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While tough days are not really a regular thing for me anymore, I do have tough moments.

Especially this time of year.

The cool weather, lack of sunlight and Christmas stress all play a role for me.

What are yours? 

It is important to recognize what yours are so you can make a plan and work around them.


1.  EXERCISE : I have to put this one at the top of my list because it has been the best cure for my woes. I don't care if it is an hour on the elliptical, twenty minutes on a yoga mat or five minutes of jumping jacks. Do something. Get your heart rate up. Stretch. Move your blood and shift your energy. I have a ten minute stretch/yoga routine that I use a lot. While I use it after every exercise session to help with muscle recovery, I also rely on it when I need a break from the computer, when somebody is stressing me out or when hubs is driving me bonkers. 

2. NO SOCIAL MEDIA : I made a rule for myself that I will not use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, The World Wide Web, etc.) during a tough moment. It is not somebody else's responsibility to "get me out of a funk". We need to learn to do that on our own. You know all those parents talking about how they need to teach their kids to self soothe? Guess what?! We need to learn to do the same for ourselves.

3. REFLECT : This can be done in so many ways! Other than reading my accomplishments list, my favorite is through photos and quotes. I have a photo album on my phone that has all my most special photo memories in it. Along with some of my favorite inspirational quotes. It is such an easy way to have instant access to good memories. Such an easy way to fill your mind with beautiful thoughts.

4. MEDITATE : This one is hard to do if you are in a funk. In fact, my mind usually wanders far too much to get any benefit from it. Unless, I exercise or do my ten minutes of yoga stretch beforehand. I love to use insight timer or the Ben Howard station on Pandora Radio. 

5. GET OUTSIDE : I know this one is so hard to do this time of year. But bundle up, throw in some earbuds and turn on some soothing tunes and take a walk. It doesn't have to be a long one. Just a couple minutes. Find something to appreciate. If you can't make it outside and it is a sunny day, find a window in your home and lay in that ray of light. Keith and I do this all the time! We have two windows taller than me in our office that bring in such amazing sunlight. I could lay there for hours with him and the cats. The sun feels good!

6. PAMPER : Put on a face mask. Take a shower or a bubble bath if that doesn't gross you out. Shave your legs. Put on makeup. Light some candles. Exfoliate your whole body. Use the lotion instead of saying it takes to long. Paint your nails. Cook yourself your favorite meal.

Try one or all of these tips next time you have a day where all you can do is just get through it.

Life comes in waves; it is fluid.

What's happening now won't last forever.

While I wish you no tough days, I know that isn't realistic.

Actually, to be honest.

I hope you do have tough days.

They lead us to better things.

They give life purpose.

They teach us we are strong.

They let us know we are capable.


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