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maybe everything is perfect and we just aren't wise enough to see it.

I sat down with my handy dandy Preview app open today.

To plan an instagram post.

Something that has been weighing on my mind lately to speak and journal about.

& the words just started pouring out of me.

Too long for an instagram caption.

So I thought that there was no better place than here to drop my thoughts.

This thought hit me the other day:

"maybe everything is perfect and we just aren't wise enough to see it"

as a culture, we are all so entangled in the world of perfectionism

for years we chased it, expecting it to become our reality

then we realized how unreachable it really was

& we got comfortable in a world where we understood it was unattainable

but now

now i see it different

it is perfect

this life is perfect

life is perfect just as it is

with every season

every pain

every joy

every heartache

every celebration

every obstacle

every memory

every death

every life

every moment

it all matters

all of it

it has made us who we are

life and everything surrounding it is perfect just as it is

I'm a true believer in our path being written in the stars.

That certain things need to happen to us (good and bad).

So while some of you will disagree with what I'm trying to say because you have lived through something so horrible and so far from "perfect", remember I'm not judging your mindset, how you feel or the life you've been given.

Often times it takes a tragedy to make a life.

Often times it takes great sadness to bring joy.

Often times it takes hitting rock bottom to be alive.

Life is here.

It is working in our favor.

Not against us.

We have 86,400 seconds in a day to flip that switch and choose to see the light.

WE have the ability to make that choice.

I promise it's pretty great over here.

I welcome you with open arms.

disclaimer : i am human. i have days where all i do is wallow in self pity. my life and my moods are not spectacular 24/7. so, i understand this feeling, this mood, & this realization can't be achieved 100% of the time. experiencing lows make us appreciate the highs. they need to exist.

just remember you have the choice and power to change your direction whenever you choose.

& it's perfect just as it is.

enjoy your perfect life. 💛

as always, reach out to me!

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i love hearing from you guys.


Kirsten ☀️

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1 Comment

Feb 12, 2022

I love this perspective, it really resonated with me ❤👏🏻.

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