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Did you find out your personality type?

If so, I hope you've had fun enjoying making sense of who you are and why you do (or don't do) certain things.

I am an INFJ.





The rarest type, of course.

Referred to as "The Advocate".

Less than 1% of the world shares this personality.

I am unique.

Which makes life hard.

But has explained so much.

I rely solely on my intuition to make decisions which is outside most peoples comfort zones. 

Especially those midwestern heartbeats I surround myself with.

I live in an artistic, creative world with endless possibilities.

Essentially I live in a field of fucking daisies.

I am spontaneous.

I get a lot of feelings I can't explain, but feel right.

I have great insight into who a person really is with one meeting.

I inspire.

I am decisive.

I am sensitive.

I am private.

A perfectionist.

All of these things have allowed me to understand what is around me.

The world i'm surrounded by sometimes suffocates me.

I need to communicate things to move on from them. 

I need to get them out of my body and shift the energy in order to progress..

I am an empath.

I often take on the emotions of others when they are hurting.

I'm working on it.

I try my damnedest to keep my hands in my golden egg and to keep others from reaching in.

My life was explained in this simple quiz.

I felt so alone for years before taking it.

I didn't understand myself.

Nor did I have anybody to relate to.

I mean, we are kind've hard to find. HA!

Then she entered my life.

Her name is Regina.

& I met her at Mayo.

One of my dearest friends.

We spent a few days together this Fall while at aftercare.

Standing in the kitchen we were talking about all things.

The connection was STRONG.

At one point conversation stopped and we took a long look at each other and at the same damn times said, "Are you an INFJ?"

& that was it.


Somebody to relate to.

Find people you share personality traits with and stick close to them.

The level of understanding will be astounding.

If you are an INFJ, reach out to me. 

Let me know!

HERE is a further explanation of my personality type if you want to do more reading into who I am and how I function.

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