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my word of the year

Hello there, world.

Hope you're having a happy day.

You deserve that!

Have you ever heard of a word for the year?

You know, one thing you really want to take with you throughout the year.

A word that encompasses how you want to act, something you want to work on, a way to live, etc.

I do.

Actually, in all honestly, I do it monthly.

But I always have a word of the year too.

Some I have had in the past were: worthy, flow, boundaries and capable.

This year, I chose intention.

Because while I feel like I absolutely live with intention most of the time, I felt it slipping a little in 2021.

You know that feeling. The feeling of not feeling fully alive, anxiousness getting the better of you. The would have, should haves.

Yeah, that's where I ended my year. & I know in my soul it is not a good space for me.

So, finding balance, living in a peaceful flow & being intentional with how I spend my time, who I spend it with, what I concentrate my efforts on all feel like things I need right now.

To take a step back, evaluate and set forth the best path for me.

& it took me a while to find my word. I made it into the new year without one. I chose my word for the month of January (flow) but just couldn't settle on one that felt right for the year.

Then we traveled to Sayulita. & everything we did was full of intention. & it hit me one night while laying in a hammock surrounded by nature and serenity. INTENTION. That's it. That is what my soul needs.

A couple more recent moments drenched intention.

My definition of intention is : an action mediated in thought while still following your gut instinct.

You're thinking about how doing "x" is going to affect you, but also listening to what the soul tells you to do. Not letting your anxious mind get in the way and make the decisions for you. Not giving into those little feel goods that make the end goal harder to attain.

Some honorable mentions for this year are : create, courage and flow.

Share with me your word of the year if you have one & if not, cultivate one. 🥰

As always, feel free to share.

Hit that little heart button and give it a like too.

Tell me your word of the year the comments below.

Feel free to reach out.

Thanks for being here.


Kirsten ☀️

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