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Wow do people get offended by diet change.

Or a different belief system.

Or a different view on health.



Don't share your opinion unless you are in the the company of like minded people.

Otherwise be ready to endure:

eye rolls

loud sighs

nasty face gestures.

It's bullshit really.

Like who cares. 

Somebody has a different opinion than you.

Guess what?


Get over it.

Accept it.

Ask questions if you don't understand it.

Learn about it.

Don't close off completely.

Your way isn't the only way.

Your voice isn't the only one that matters.

Not everybody wants to hear your voice all the time.

I want to learn everything about everything whether I am into it or not.

I want to know peoples pint of view.

I want to know why they have a certain belief system.

I want to know why they believe what they do.

It makes them who they are.

& I like knowing who people are. 

It creates a bond.

A special bond.

Learning is power.

I also baffles me that people don't want to admit that their health and gut issues aren't at all related to their lifestyles and how they eat. It's just the grace of god. Uhm, no. Not at all. Read a book about health and wellness. It is in your control. No one else's.

We have 99.99999999 free space in our cells. Fill that space up with whatever you want. Good stuff. To make you feel good.


I don't see race, whether somebody is dressed to par or if they have a million tattoos and piercings in their body. 

I don't care.

I see their soul.

I am into human connection.

That is all.

Not status.

Not beauty.

Not social class.

Not political party.

I see you as a human.

A loving, kind human with a story unique to you.

& I want to know everything about you.

I can't stand people playing the part of the victim.

Did this come from self improvement.

Can't lose weight. Are you even trying. Change your diet. Fix your lifestyle.

Stop comparing your life to somebody else's.

Get a job. Then they get a job and it isn't good enough.

Jesus Christ. 

"Victim's are never happy.

Victim mentality is the most depressing person to be around.

Move on.


Align your actions with your goals. Then you will see results.

Stop talking about doing it and do it.

Stop making excuses.

Don't ever use time as one.

I try to ask though provoking questions and dig deep into someones soul. Make them try to see the alternate side or why somebody is the way they are or why they may have done something. But there are people out there who love to play the victim and can't stand it when you acknowledge that maybe their way wasn't the right way or that somebody else may have seen it differently than them. Its annoying and exhausting to be around people like that. You are not perfect. Understand that. I try and only surround myself with like minded people and say see ya to the rest or limit my amount of time with them.

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