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Let's talk about my favorite things from the month of May. 😁

Okay. I think we can all agree, Sally Hanson isn't the best nail polish out there in the world. It isn't the longest lasting and sure isn't a clean beauty item. But, this color was EXACTLY what I had been looking for. Pink pink. Not neon, not baby, not carrying other tones throughout. A slightly milky looking pigment. THEE perfect pink. & if I use my trusty self manicure technique, I can easily get 5 days with no chipping. Not bad. I would love to find this color in a brand that lasts a bit longer and isn't as toxic, but for the meantime, she will do. Will update you when I find the new goods. Also, this product is dirt cheap. 2 bucks. If your interested, click HERE.

Okay, this thing is seriously adorable. My sweet momma bear picked it up for me awhile back and decided to gift it to me on Mother's Day. Hehe. I'm a cat mom. I have been wearing it nonstop. I LOVE it because you can wear it on any finger since it is a cuff and can be sized to fit whatever. I have been wearing it on my left thumb and don't see myself switching anytime soon. It's just too cute and every time I look down at it I think about how perfect all my kitties are and how much I love them all. The brand is Ross and Simons and if you have any cat lover people in your life, HERE is the link to gift them with a fun and memorable gift.

If you are a frequent follower of mine, you will know that Chocolove has my whole heart when it comes to chocolate. It is so creamy and delicious. I haven't tried one I don't like. But of course have my favorites. I was bee-boppin' around Natural Grocers one day and saw this bar and HAD to grab it. I always loved mounds bars growing up. This guy is 20,000 times better. The chocolate ganache in the bottom 1/3 of the bar is OUT OF THIS WORLD SPECTACULAR. Like wow! & the coconut is so moist and full of flavor. & of course the dark chocolate surrounding all of it is their spectacular blend that I love so much already. This chocolate bar is an absolute dream. & guess what?! You can buy them in bulk on Amazon. HERE is the link. You will not be disappointed, unless you don't like coconut. Then, I'm sorry.


I know, I know. I'm so terrible about showing you lipsticks that they don't even make anymore. But I can't get enough of the color for my skin tone. It's like that perfect coral color for the summer. HERE is a similar product color dupe. There is just something about a bright pinky coral for the spring and summer that is so appropriate. & goes so nicely with blue eyes. If you aren't a lipstick wearer, I have one tip for you that might just change your mind. You know when you see humans out and about rocking a lip color looking like they are just owning the room with their confidence?! Yeah, that can be you! Just put some on. Of course when we look at ourselves we don't feel like it looks "right". It's not something we see regularly so our eyes aren't accustomed to it. You look beautiful with it on & without it on. Just don't be afraid! You can be THAT girl!

This is my absolute favorite thing from the month. I can't stop using it. Keith found it on Instagram. One of those targeted ads because he watches so many cat videos. How cute! Anyway, he sent me the link and was like, "buy this now". So I did. & holy heck and bob is it incredible!!

LOOK!! 👀

As you can see, my kitties are pretty well maintained. I'd say it's become a hobby of mine. Plus, they enjoy it so much so it makes it pretty easy. Every single one of our cats lets us use it on them. Which is a major bonus because I have tried many other brush tools that haven't been enjoyed.

I'm actually so blown away by how great of a tool this is. Think you've brushed your pet well? Try again...with this guy. & get this. ALL of my cats actually enjoy it. Even all the outdoor cats. It has two sides. One for long hair and one for short. Or, sometimes for the outdoor cats they are quite tangled so I use the long hair side first and then move to the short hair side. It is serisously so good and I will never use anything else now. It has become a hobby. Haha. So satisfying. The company we ordered through was of course a brand out of China and took forever to ship. I will link the exact one HERE. I see similar ones on Amazon if you don't want to wait for it to take a boat/plane ride. I can't attest to them, but will link one HERE if you'd rather purchase that way.

I love me some outdoor walks. & always wear a hat when I'm out for one for multiple reasons. People can't see my face, the sun doesn't burn the top of my forehead and it protects my face from bugs. But of course this time of year, wearing a hat can be super hot and uncomfortable. So, recently I was at a Nike outlet and found THIS hat. It is perfect because it is so lightweight and water/sweat repellent. It easily conforms and is nice and breezy so you don't overheat.

That's all for today my gals and pals.

Hope you have an incredible week.

Get some sunshine on your face.

As always feel free to reach out with anything.

Love hearing from you guys.

Hope you find a gem in today's supersix for yourself.


Kirsten ☀️

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