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Hear me out.

There are not a lot of products for you to go out and buy in this supersix.

Which can be a great thing for you or a total bummer.

You choose.

But, regardless...I'm still gonna show you what my favorite things of the month were. 😁


Like, seriously?

Is this not the cutest picture you've ever seen in your whole life!

This is my Mom's mom and grandma; Judy and Helen.

We found this photo while working on organizing Mom's basement in preparation for a crafting station. I immediately confiscated it and knew it needed to live in my home.

It's just too good.

& it makes me so happy every time I look at it.


I have been wanting to tackle this project for so long.

Don't get me wrong, the jars that the simply organics spices come in are lovely, but I could only fit six across and I had spices stacked on spices and the drawer didn't always open.

Also, anything more than a 1/2 teaspoon never fit in the hole which is ultra inconvenient.

So, I ordered three different spice jar containers (two sizes from amazon and one from target) to see which would work best for my drawer space.

& THESE are the ones I settled on. & THIS is the label maker I used.

Let me take you on a little tour of the process.

I hope this inspires you to make your spice drawer pretty!


Yes, I said it. Salmon.

I literally can't get enough of it.

I'm eating it at least twice a week. But could definitely enjoy it more than that.

I've always liked salmon, it is a frequent meal for us (about every 14 days usually).

But lately, my body has been having major cravings.

I enjoy it multiple ways.

But to be honest, simple is my favorite.

Oven at 425°F and baked for 15-20 minutes depending on the size. Drizzle of evoo, salt, pepper and slices of lemon on top.

Seriously, that simple.

Like I said, I love it many ways, but the simplicity of this just makes the flavor of the salmon the prominent one.

I've also been loving having leftovers and making it Emily Mariko style the next day (usually minus the seaweed).

Check it out here! 👇🏼


Holy heck and bob THIS SHIT is incredible!!

I bought it at Fresh Thyme in the fall and have been using it since.

I started out just using it at night, but during the cold months I found myself using it under my makeup too.

Not sure how it would work under full coverage. I feel like it might be too moisturizing and make the foundation slip, but for me and my light coverage fans, this stuff is great.

It's even good to mix with your foundation.

Been loving to use it in other super dry places when needed too.

Doesn't break me out, clog me up and the the smell is fresh and not irritating.

Just getting ready to pop open my second tube.

Also, I love using it over JOJOBA OIL because its a bit of a thick and sticky moisturizer and the oil makes it glide right on and sink right in. (I'm a moisturized girl when it comes to my face). 🤪


On Sunday mornings I've been sitting down at my computer with Pinterest and vibing out.

I just love Pinterest.

Side note - did you know you can save any of these blogposts to your Pinterest page by clicking the "pin this" button on any of the photos in this post?

Anyway, I've been sitting down on Sunday mornings prepping for the week ahead and thoroughly enjoying making mood boards.

If you follow me on instagram, you see me post them every Monday morning, but if not, here are a few I've done so far.

They make me super happy.

Also, I use the website CANVA to make them if you're interested.


Okay, buckle up.

I have a super cute and corny story to tell you.

A love story of sorts. 🤗

I am always finding ways to show people I love them. That I'm thinking about them.

So, everyday when I shower I get out a towel and washcloth for Keith so when he comes in at night to shower it's sitting there waiting for him.

Aw, how nice of me.

Anyway, one day I decided not to get one out for him. See if he even notices this is something I do for him.

I'm chilling in the living room and he works his way to the shower.

I hear, "Charlie (my nickname) where is my towel?"

He knows where the towels are, folks.

But I hurt his little heart by not performing an act of service he was so accustomed to.

So, the next day I left him out a towel with a note on it that said "you're welcome."

A nice little condescending remark on my behalf. 🤗

A Lambert trait you could say.

But he left me a note back.

So then I left him one.

& it just kept going back and forth.

Until we used up way too many post it notes.

I decided it was time to find another way to keep this up.

Because it is a rather adorable habit we have going on.

Sometimes they are small "missed you today" notes, sometimes they are dirty 🤪, sometimes we ask questions and sometimes we have actual conversations back and forth about what's going on.

It's turned out to be a pretty special moment in our day.

I searched Etsy to find a dry erase board and found the perfect one.

It is double sided so we can answer a question on one side if one of us asked one, but still continue another convo on the other side.

It's been perfect.

I highly recommend you give it a go and start filling each others cup up a bit more.

HERE is the one I chose.

Get to loving each other.

& if you do this, I NEED to hear about it.

It's such an easy way to show some love.

That is all my cool cats and kittens.

Hope you all have a marvelous day.

As always, interacting with my posts means the world to me.

So don't be shy.

Like, comment, subscribe, share.

Reach out for a chat if you'd like.

Love hearing from you all.


Kirsten ☀️


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Apr 03, 2022

How do I subscribe to the full length video of the spice drawer being made? ASMR is just one of your many special talents. 💜

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