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Hi there gals and pals!

How was your January?! Was it a good start to a new year? Tough? Feeling fresh?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Today I am here to talk about my six favorite things from the month of January.

Now, if you've read & watched my 2022 supersix you will know that everything in that post was something that I found or learned about in the year of 2022.

My monthly supersix doesn't follow that same requirement.

These are just things that I am loving for the month.

They may be a decade old, a couple months or a few years.

Which leads me to my first favorite of the month.


I know what you're saying...omg, so influenced by TikTok. But let me tell you right now. NOT TRUE! I was wayyyy ahead of the pack here, pals. Like by three flippin' years. Yes, I've had the Tasman slipper for three years. My mom gifted them to me for Christmas in 2019. We were going to be moving into our new home in what we thought would be February or March of 2020. So, I held onto them as a "gift to myself" (along with my smeg tea kettle from my mother in law) once we moved in. We didn't end up moving in until August. But, I started wearing them shortly after. It's been like two years and four months that I've been sporting them nearly every day and I can say that they are it, folks. They have a nice cushion sole, fuzzy warm insides and they haven't broke down on me. I do not wear them outside like all the TikTok girlies do. They are strictly house slippers for me. Also, we bought a pair for my father in law this past Christmas and he enjoys them too. So, if you're on the fence, I do recommend. HERE is the link if you are interested.


Ok, I know I've been on a major Elf train lately. That camo powder foundation is superior. I bought a blush awhile back form them too that I loved. But before our trip to Mexico I bought the putty bronzer in the shade honey drip. I was already obsessed with the formula. I'm not sure what kind of voodoo magic elf has going on but they are knocking their formulas out of the park. This stuff is creamy like a cream to the touch, but then applies like a powder. Except because it is cream it sinks into the skin instead of sitting on the skin. It also doesn't move the makeup underneath when applying (even over powder) and it is the lightest feeling most airy cream in the whole world. I can't explain the texture, you just need to go get it. Also, can we talk about the packaging?! So sleek and small. It's perfect. Especially for travel or throwing in your purse. Also, dirt cheap. Seven flippin' dollars. The tone of the honey drip shade is perfect for me. They have seven different shades. This one gives a nice shadow that isn't too gray toned and isn't too orange toned. They also recently came out with six shades of their luminous putty bronzer. Haven't gotten my hands on that yet, but you bet your ass I will when I see it. HERE is the link if you are interested.


Holy heck and bob what the heck is this shit? I'm obsessed. It is the perfect, most creamy and easy to apply blush I've ever used. It's literally like butter. I love to apply this using my fingers. I rub a dub dub on the top with my finger and apply it directly to my face. you can also apply the stick directly to your face, but I prefer the other route. A bit more control. This blush is the perfect color for my complexion and matches really well with my favorite YSL lipstick (my go to). It lasts throughout the day and is extremely buildable. Also, works well over powder. It has this slightly luminous sheen to it which makes the skin look so healthy and hydrated. They have a couple other colors and I've been eyeballing it in coral cutie too. HERE is the link if you are interested. Such a low maintenance makeup item.


The last three swimsuits I have bought have been from Target. If you haven't taken a peek, do so. I happened upon an early season swim setup at my local-ish Target at the beginning of the month and couldn't be happier. I feel like I never have enough swimsuits that I like. I tried on about ten and walked out with two. I call that a major win in my book. But, THIS one is my favorite. Okay, now that I've linked that for you and seen they have other colors, I am going to have to buy the pink one too. It's just too good. Ok, here's the scoop. Big boobies, little ribcage here. Swimsuits are so hard to find. But since I've been working out and getting all buff and stuff, I've gone from like a 31 to maybe a 33-34. I ended up getting a size large for the top and it is the first size large top that has ever fit me. I mean, it isn't like great, but it works. I have to put it on the tightest clasp and the front wire band width is slightly too wide for my torso so there is a little gap on the underside of my outside boob on the front but you can only see it if you're underneath me and looking for it. The wire is quite rigid which keeps my boobs up and supported instead of falling out the bottom. It has a nice piece in the middle that does a good job at keep the boobies separated. Seriously, who likes cleavage in the heat. It just gets sweaty and smelly. The bottoms I got in a size medium and I would say the are true to fit. I love the little "v" at the front. Very flattering. & let's talk about the pattern. It's so fun. Plaid and bright summery colors. It's just a win all around. If I spent more on the top (it was only $22) I would probably go get it altered a bit so it wasn't so wide on my ribcage but for the price point I'm not even gonna worry about it. Also, removable padding. A must for me.


If you know Keith in real life, he is a planner. He really likes things to go just so. He only has time for you if all his things are accomplished. He's a bit of an arse. He's on Keith time and it's REALLY hard to get him out of it. But in Mexico, Keith is different. Keith goes with the flow. He spends time just being. He doesn't always need an answer. He's chill. He has time for you. Mexico Keith is my favorite Keith. Although, really, just vacation Keith in general is really fucking awesome. His chill vacation vibe is a much better match for me and my energy. Which means vacation is always such a joy. Not that home isn't. It is. But it's like harder to get him to hear me, ya know? 🤗 10/10 would recommend getting to know Mexico Keith if you get the chance. Cool guy. Real cool guy. Just look at him. (scroll through)


Well guys, it only took two and half years, but I FINALLY finished our back wall. our picture wall. We don't have the most wall space in this house. & I'm okay with that. But I intentionally designed our home the way I did so I could have a back hallway with our most treasured photos. I had so many people ask why I didn't open up my laundry area more by removing the dividing wall and it was for this reason (+ the doorway into our kitchen from said laundry area would have been in a unique position for flow). I wanted a space to display our greatest memories. & keep everybody from seeing into our master corner. So, here it is completed. & I'm so in love with the outcome and the memories I see. Hey tip. Print photos and add them to your frames. It feels really good to see your high points displayed. 😉

HERE are the frames I used if you're interested.


Thanks for being here gals and pals.

Hope you find something in here that you can enjoy for yourself!

As always, feel free to reach out, subscribe, like, comment and share!

So appreciate you being here.


Kirsten ☀️

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