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Good day there fine ladies (& a few gents).

Time after time it gets harder to not be repetitive in my greetings to you. 🤗

I hope this post finds you on a magical day.

& if not, I hope it brings some magic into your day.

Today we are chitty chat chatting about my favorite things from the month of July!

& randomly, I have decided that I am going to talk about them in order today.

Starting with the most favorite of the month.


Okay, dry girls, here me out before you move on to the next thing thinking "powder foundation, yuck! will never work for me." I request that you give it a go. I too, am a bit on the dry side and it is like a golden powder miracle worker for me! I am pretty lucky to have normal acting skin but if I quit my skincare routine today, I would be a dry crust tomorrow. Keeping hydrated, my skin is very kind to me.

Anyway, this foundation works super well over a slather of oil, lotion and serum. Somehow covers literally every blemish without looking like you have a film of powder sitting on top of the skin. Melts into the skin without emphasizing your pores. & is super heat resistant. LOVE wearing this out in the heat of the day (if I even wear makeup). It doesn’t sweat off and transfer like liquid does. It’s actually incredible. & in the top 3 foundations I’ve ever used. Even better. It’s $11. ELEVEN DOLLARS!!! HERE is the link if you are interested. Bonus, they even carry it and my shade in our rinky dink Walmart! I'm using the shade Light 280 N.


Shit, I did it. I converted. To the watch side. The apple watch series 3, 38 mm to be exact. You see, I have like the most tiny wrist you ever did see. With the largest protruding bone on the pinky side of my wrist. It has ALWAYS made for an uncomfortable situation when it comes to watches and bracelets. Every watch always looks way too big and every bracelet is always way too large. But the fitness side of me was like I NEED IT! So, I bopped into my local Walmart one afternoon and they had the series 3 watch (which is the last series you can get with the 38mm size) so I bought it. & I am so happy with it. I wanted it to track my activity. I sit at a desk a lot so was very curious about how active I really was. Between my workouts, morning outdoor chores, the garden, cooking, cleaning and just random breaks throughout the day I’m hitting all my goals plus more. From day to day my steps have been ranging between 8,000 (a very sedentary day for me – maybe twice a week) to 13,000. Most days I sit at just over 11,000 steps which makes me very happy. It’s actually crazy how quickly it can add up. I have turned off all the phone notifications to it. I didn’t want to add another tech distraction. Just wanted it for the physical part of my life. I’ve also been loving the ability to skip songs during my workout and the timer on it. Overall, I’m so happy with my purchase. Now to start accessorizing it with new bands and such. Find something a bit more flattering for those days you want to wear it out and about. I got mine for $149 thanks to it being an old series. HERE is the one I got if you’re interested.


Oh, THIS dress. It’s so cute!! We had a wedding to go to in Iowa at the end of July. I had bought this dress earlier in the summer not knowing when I would wear it. It’s always good to have a dress in your closet that you feel good in when the time comes (especially when you aren’t really a dress kind of girl). When it showed up, I was expecting a much milkier, smooth but very there pink color. When it arrived, it was like bright pink. Fuchsia. Normally I would have been irritated by the photo editing and the way they portrayed the color on the website, but I wasn’t. At all. I’m trying to embrace the brighter pink side of me because the color looks good on me. I can’t say I really love the color when I see it on a rack, but I’m learing to love it on me. & that’s a nice feeling. Feeling good about yourself and the way you look. Try it. It’s pretty great. Anyway, I posted this picture of us at the wedding on Instagram and had quite a few questions about where it was from.

That always makes a girl feel good. HERE is the link if you are interested. I know summer is about over but think next year, or vacation! Also, they have it in a cream color too!

Side note : how chic and cute is my momma bear. Scrumptious. 🐻

& a picture of just Keith and I for good measure! 💕


Okay, if you’re a woman and you have tiktok, your algorithm has surely shown you the jean shorts hack. You know, where the girls walk into Walmart, choose a pair of mens jeans and take them home and turn them into jean shorts! It’s actually brilliant. I have such a hard time finding shorts (& jeans) that don’t have a bunch of discoloration (like crotch whiskers) and holes all over them. I just want a pair that is one solid color and has no holes or wear on them. Head to the mens section. I’ve seen this done with Levis, Lee and Wrangler. But my body fit really liked the brand George. So I grabbed a light and dark pair and headed home to give it a try. & guess what! They were one solid color which is such a dream! The best part about making your own jean shorts if the fact that YOU get to determine the length. All in all I’m obsessed. Also, the jeans are $12. Can’t beat that!

Here is how it went!


Okay, I bought this for the hair growth abilities it claims to have. I’ve been using it for two months and I can’t say that I’ve seen any difference. But I will say I’m loving it for an added boost of moisture. Especially in my brows. After I apply all my skincare I add a small line down my pointer finger, rub my two pointer fingers together and apply to my eyebrows and then whatever is left over onto the lash line. Sometimes my brows get dandruff. Crazy. I’m sure it’s more of an eyebrow product flaking thing than actual dandruff especially since it goes away so quickly, but I have found that this has kept the flaking from happening at all. It has been a nice little eyebrow moisturizer. I don’t do it every night. Just when I remember, but am loving it. THIS is the one I'm currently using.


I have been loving these tank tops for gardening. They are tight and supportive enough where I don’t need to wear a bra. Which is excellent in my book. The straps can easily be taken off the arms if you’re trying to avoid tan lines and they are SUPER cheap! They come in so many colors. I think they will be great for layering under sweaters this winter too. Very happy. HERE is a link if you are interested. I ordered xs since I wanted them tight enough so the boobies didn’t slap around.

Thanks for being here gals and pals.

Hope you find something in here that you can enjoy for yourself!

As always, feel free to reach out, subscribe, like, comment and share!

So appreciate you being here.


Kirsten ☀️

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