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I'm struggling.

This time of the year is rough.

The week between Christmas and New Years is hard to navigate.

Remember my personality type, INFJ.

Am I supposed to chill and enjoy it

Revel in the wonderful year I made.

Am I supposed to kick it into high gear to accomplish a few more tasks.

Do I finish the books I didn't get all the way through.

Should I finish painting the kitchen.

What day is it.

Why do I feel so tired.

Will it ever be light again.

Why the hell can't my packages follow route and make it here on time.

Do I throw away my Christmas cards or stuff them in a box in the basement.

Why did I eat so much sugar.

Literally every life decision spills in front of me and I question everything.

The guilt creeps in that I didn't make enough of an impact.

What did I do wrong.

What can I do better.

Am I going to feel this way again next year at this time.

& then I breathe.

Take a moment.

& wander back to my accomplishments list.

It is comforting.

Whether you struggle with this time of year or not, make the list.

Start your year fresh.

Next year at this time you will appreciate it so much.


1. Getting my period back. 

2. Making my way through Italy with Katie.

3. Losing 20 pounds.

4. Spending time in Barcelona figuring out who I am.

5. Getting my health back.

6. Staying off medications.

7. Being the best Cat Mom.

8. Beating shingles.

9. Going to a two night bachelorette party with 10 women I didn't know.

10. Traveling to Bali on my own.

11. Being able to sit lotus position on an exercise ball.

12. Going to therapy.

13. Regular exercise.

14. Going to Mayo on my own for appointments.

15. Just being a good person.

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