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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

to my man : 

A decade ago.

You picked me up.

At a Super 8 hotel.

You were wearing a red Abercrombie sweatshirt.

& a white Ohio State baseball cap. (What were you thinking? 🤔)

Your deep southern draw gave me chills.

My favorite song on the radio.

Your facial hair.

God damn you were handsome.

You had this "rug" on the floor of your truck. Two things immediately came to mind. "OCD" and Mexico. OCD because...well, what 22 year old keeps their truck that clean?! & the rug screamed Mexico to me. 

I felt at home. 

I felt happy.

I still feel at home.

I still feel happy.

You were scared of everything outside your little bubble.

I was longing for somebody who believed wholeheartedly in everything I wanted for my life.

A good balance. 

A little ying and yang.

We grounded each other.

We opened our hearts to things outside our comfort zone.

Together, growth swallowed us and each day we become better versions of ourselves.

Thanks for being there.

Through it all.

I know it's been a lot.

Yet, you never falter and always support.

Thanks for doing life with me.

I love you.




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