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Sup, my peeps?!

🪴 Here to talk about houseplants today.

If you didn't know, I quite fancy plants.

Like, a lot.

& I'm good at it too.

A quick disclaimer about my knowledge:

I didn't go to school, I've done little research and plant facts are not my forte.

But, with my crazy strong intuition I have managed to care for my plants well.

Not to sound all voodoo but I just listen to them and let them tell me what they need.

I don't overthink it.

I sing to them, tell them good morning, touch them regularly between waterings, thank them for cleaning my air and tell them how beautiful they are.

I truly believe that the love I feel for them is felt deep into their roots.

Remember, they are living just like you and I.

They need cared for, caressed, engaged with, talked to and acknowledged.

My "winter/dormant" season for my plants lasts from February to the end of July.

My plants go through their rest period during this time.

They take a break and don't produce much foliage.

So this is the time when I give them a little bit extra care.

(& what the video below is all about.)

Some quick facts on caring for my plants:

  1. When you are repotting plants regularly, the new soil is full of nutrients for your plant. If you are not repotting regularly, giving them an extra boost of nutrition is a great resource. HERE is my favorite plant food. This also helps replenish their nutrients after an abundant growing season.

  2. My plants growing season runs from August to February.

  3. I give my plants food in February, April and June.

  4. I water the majority of my plants every 7-10 days. Some more. Some less.

  5. My plants leaves get cleaned every 6 months. February and August. Just use a damp cheese cloth towel. No dusting sprays or swiffer sheets.

  6. Remember your plants are living just like you and I. Nourish them.

Here is a video of the care I provide for my plants if that is more your thing. 🤗

Remember, this is what works for me and my plants.

That doesn't mean it's what will work for you, but I sure hope this gives you some tips and tricks in maintaining healthy plants.

As always, reach out to me with anything.

Love hearing from you guys!

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Kirsten ☀️

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