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Hola amigos!

I have some news.

I went back to school. 


I did that.

Professional student here.

Nah, not really.

I am enrolled in online classes to become an integrative health coach.

It is a year course; I will graduate January 21, 2020.

Between my biology degree that taught me all about how body processes work and this course in integrative health, I really hope to be able to help some of you get your life back. 

Get your health under control.

Or just to simply live a healthier lifestyle.

I have already taught myself a lot of this over the last two years (which led me to this program) but by completing the coursework, I will have the credentials to make it my job and get compensated for it. 


Starting in July, I will be qualified to start taking on clients!

In the meantime, I would love to offer one or two of you free coaching.

Here is my offer:

Coaching would be over a six month period; starting in February, ending in July.

The program would be 100% tailored to you and your goals/needs.

We would have a minimum of one meeting per month (depending on your schedule). In person or via Skype.

You would have access to my availability for questions via text and email everyday of the week and phone calls when appropriate.

I can offer grocery store trips to show you how to shop successfully, pantry sweeps & in-home cooking lessons (these can be done at my home too).

You will receive recipes, a personal cheerleader and the knowledge to maintain your health.

I am willing to be as involved or absent as you need, but only looking for somebody who is ready to put real effort into this.

If you are interested:

Send me an e-mail at

In the email, please answer these questions -

1. Do you have any health issues/diagnosis? If so, please elaborate on whatever you are comfortable with.

2. What would be your main goal you would wish to reach by month six (July).

3. Do you have any allergies or intolerances? What is your current diet?

4. Let me know why you have chosen to invest in yourself?!

That's it! 

Make an impression, I can only pick a max of two of you.

Deadline is Friday, February 1 at 5:00 PM.

I will e-mail everybody back letting them know whether they have been chosen or not by Sunday, February 3.

Please let me help you!

It's a free service!

A little reminder : I am plant based. That does not mean I won't work with you if you are a meat eater! My digestion just doesn't allow it. Know that the recipes I share will be heavy on the plants but as stated, we will tailor this to you and your needs. 

All interaction with me will be completely confidential.

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