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Updated: Mar 20, 2022




Here we are with another supersix.

These are without a doubt my favorite posts to make.


& I hope some of these things find their way into your life. 😁

There is one thing we have to chat about first.

The world feels really heavy right now.

Like, really heavy.

I feel like we were just starting to come off the tidal wave of the previous two years...



My heart goes out to all of Ukraine, all of the lovely Russians who don't want this and the rest of the world; especially the humans who have family who reside in Ukraine.

But what I really want to say is:

I know it's been a heavy two years.

There have been what seems like endless obstacles.

Some have lost their sense of belonging.

Some lost their values.

Some stood taller and fought for their rights and beliefs.

But, regardless, it's all been hard.

Really fucking hard.

& I'm just here to say "you've got this"!

You belong.

You matter.

You deserve to take up space in this world.

You can move through this and reach the other side.

Find your tribe, reach out to them.

Ask for help.

You deserve to exist.

Ok, now on to my favorite things.

I just really felt called to say that today.

So I did.

Here is what I loved this month!!

Okay, this isn't even available anymore so I can't link it for you. But I did go ahead and link the sweater section of the Banana Republic website for you because they have some great ones. I got this sweater when I was in Vegas at market with my mom. We LOVE a good Banana Republic. & by a good one, I mean its extremely hard to find ones that aren't carrying old styles. They seem to only exist in big cities anymore. Anyway, I found this sweater and fell in love. It was originally $300, marked down to $150. It is 100% cashmere so I said, "score, yes!" I'm taking this home with me. THEN, as I walked myself around the store to look at more things the employee told me the sweater was an additional 50% off. I said, "it's already marked". & he said, 50% off sale price. (just the pink one though - there were other colors too) & I was like "say what?" Holy heck and bob. I got this sweater for just under 80 buckaroonies. Really, if I'm being honest, Banana Republic in general was a favorite of the month. Got myself some good finds. Also, I've worn the crap out of this sweater already. It's soft and warm and so comfortable. & fits like a dream. Also, it grabs a lot of compliments which I'm getting much better at taking these days (something I've been working on 😉). Side note, I'm actually not a fan of the color pink, but it is a color that looks good on me so I wear it. & I may be growing on me.

Holy heck and bob, this book was phenomenal. I was quite a book worm this month, I read 5 1/2 books. This one, without a doubt, took the cake. In fact, it is absolutely in my top 10. Scratch that. It's in my top 8 & depending on the day and my mood, it may sneak into my top 5. 🤗 This was absolutely a 5/5 stars. Unlike any book I've read before, I loved the way it was set up. Very quick read. The rawness of what we do for the people we love was the center stone of this book. Get your paws on it, you will thank me.

Okay, if you've even glanced at any of my recipes you know how obsessed I am with Chocolove chocolate. Their 55% chocolate bar is what I use in all my baked goods. Their 73% is delicious too. I haven't met one I didn't like, let's put it that way. But this month I tried their peppermint bar. I frequent a chocolate mint bar, but this peppermint one just did something to me. I honestly can't stop. I *usually* eat 2-4 squares of chocolate throughout the day. It always does the trick for me. But this guy, I have a really hard time stopping at 6 squares. Like really hard. Ya know what else I love about it? Keith doesn't like it. 🤗

Alright, here is the thing about dry shampoos. I don't really feel like they work for my hair. It often makes my hair greasier than it already was by the time I need to use one. I have tried so many I couldn't even count. But this one has become my favorite. It ACTUALLY works. Now, I can't like totally rave about it simply because I don't use it enough to stand the test of time from day to day. I can go about 3 days without needing to put any in my hair. Then I use it on the 4th day and wash on the 5th. So, while it's great and I love it and the smell so much, I don't know what it would be like if you used it day to day and the buildup it would create. But the way I use it, there isn't much buildup at all, doesn't leave a white cast and never leaves flakes. Kirsten approved. Other ones I like (but not as much) are Living Proof, Moroccan Oil and Dove (although I don't care for the smell of the Dove one very much).

My current foundation go to. I'm not a big fan of full coverage. In fact, you'll probably never see me in it. I like when my skin comes through; my freckles, dark spots, zits. I just like to even out the tone a bit, ya know? This stuff came into my life back in December and I loved it right away. It was a hard little bugger to find and they didn't have the lighter shade I wanted so I got one slightly darker thinking it would be perfect in Mexico and when I got home. It was. But it's starting to get a little too dark for me now. Also, it oxidizes on your skin a bit so make sure you grab the lighter shade if you are in between two. I apply this with my fingers and it just glides on and melts right into the skin just like a serum. It's like a tinted skincare essentially. I still use moisturizer underneath. I'm a dry girl. But this stuff is so easy, so fuss free and natural looking. A bit pricey for drugstore, but worth it. Also, it layers really nicely if you want a bit more coverage.

Oh man. Natural deodorant, baking soda free, great scent. But is it going to work? As we all know, natural deodorant can be difficult. The switch over is tough. I've been a natural deodorant girl since 2018 and have tried so many different ones. I settled on Native a couple years ago and was using that exclusively. It was good, got the job done for the most part. I wasn't seeking anything else out, but not totally satisfied. Then Hume Supernatural reached out to me via Instagram to try and promote their product. They sent me the scent of my choosing (I chose amber woods) and I gave it a whirl. I fell in love with it but they didn't want to compensate me for creating content about it so I said, "to heck with you then". I of course continued using it because it is incredible and have not reached for my native deodorant since. So here I am, freely promoting a product I said I wouldn't. HA! But it is just so good. & I've given this the test of time. Usually I get about 24 hours out of a natural deodorant. For some reason I can't reapply (I start to sweat) and if I workout, chances are there is going to be a bit of a sweaty smell. But this stuff. It is good. I can reapply if I need to, but to be honest, I never need to. I may have tested this for 48 hours with no shower and two workouts when I was hoping to work with them and it may have worked incredibly. Just saying. Also, it doesn't leave marks on shirts and dries clear.

That's all for today my gals and pals.

Hope you have an incredible week.

Get some sunshine on your face.

As always feel free to reach out with anything.

Love hearing from you guys.

Hope you find a gem in today's supersix for yourself.


Kirsten ☀️


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