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Welcome to the new year my gals and pals.

Hitting you with my January favorites from this new year we were just gifted.

Hoping it is a magical one for you all.

I'm sure there will be many peaks and valleys but I hope you choose to spend more time admiring the peaks than dwelling in the valleys.

Let's hit it.

(just a note: every bullet point is a link to find the goods.)

Holy heck and bob. This shit is fire!

It smells like absolute heaven. Be warned, you must be a coconut fan to enjoy this scent.

It smells like summer in a bottle, rubs in extremely easy and leaves your skin smelling coconutty and summery fresh for the whole day. If you are looking for mask type moisture to get rid of those already existing scales, this isn't your gal. She is the perfect situation for daily use but repair isn't her game. Prevention is.

Omg. This book. THIS book.

Put it on your list to read this year. Actually read it this month. You won't be able to put it down.

It made its way into my top 5 this month.

My grandma (mom's mom - who is no longer with us) sent boxes of books to my Momma Bear on the regular as she would finish them and deem them worthy of sending. Mom said it was rare that she noted if one was superior or not. She left a sticky note on the book that said, "very good book".

So my mom read it and then brought it to me on our Mexico trip for me to read.


I love Nora Roberts. Have been a fan for years.

Her story lines are always easy to read and I always end the book fully knowing who the characters are. She does a great job at being descriptive and always leaves me satisfied not looking for more.

Highly recommend sitting down and sinking deep into this book.


Wow. We have been to Sayulita before, but never stayed there. We changed that this year.

I just have had this feeling for years now that it was my place. I wasn't wrong. & my husband will fully support that statement.

I'm not sure I've ever felt so damn alive. (okay- one other time. in bali.)

I just feel like I fit there. I feel whole. Happy. Care free. Understood. Calm.

If you are ever in the Vallarta region, I highly recommend you take a few days and stay in Sayulita. (Blogpost about the town coming soon.)

But here are a couple memories.

Damn these are great.

Okay, so I had these on my Christmas list in 2020. My MIL bought them for me and I had only worn them maybe 3 times in two years. I REALLY need to get out more.

Anyway. I brought them to Vegas with me to market. I wore them all day. I walked all day without an ounce of trouble. & this isn't the first Frye boot I've felt that way about.

I don't know what it is about the leather in their boots, but you don't need anytime at all to break them in. They are just comfortable from the get go.

I won't lie, pretty much every pair of boots I own is Frye. I'm an addict. But the quality is just too good.

So while I love a lot of their boots (I have a pair of white tennis shoes too that are great!), these have been my favorite recently.

If you're looking for a good boot that won't kill your feet and will last in your closet for many years, check these out. Pricy but the quality is superior.

Holy balls, batman.

This stuff is superior.

If you like a radiant glow that is. 😁

I bought this stuff back in November and have been loving it so much. I bought it for the purpose of using it as a foundation. I love using it in that way, but it does get slightly iridescent around the upper lip and chin if you aren't careful. I would use it all over but avoid those areas and use my other foundation. I tried setting it with powder, but it still had too much of a shine.

However recently, I have been using it as a powder over my foundation. & just on my cheeks. & have been loving it. It gives that lit from within glow and makes your skin look ultra hydrated and healthy.

This stuff melts right into the skin. Highly recommend.

These guys save me on vacation. I have had them for about a year now and they travel with me everywhere I go. It comes as a three pack, but I normally roll the two heavier bands into my shoes and take them with me. They are the only bands that I have found that stay put on the legs and don't dig in giving you that uncomfortable almost pain like squeeze. They don't snap on you, they don't roll. They are perfection.

Highly recommend you try them if you haven't.

Also, I don't just use these for travel, I use them almost daily. But they are great for travel which is why I mention it.

That's it my good friends.

Hope you find something you like in this one.

If I recommend one, it's the book. 🤗

As always, feel free to reach out.

Love hearing from you guys.

Like, comment, share, subscribe.

Love you long time.


Kirsten ☀️

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