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I think these have become some of my favorite posts!

I have a list in my phone "notes" section where I keep track of things I'm loving for the month.

I usually end up with more than six.

It is rather enjoyable to come back to them and see how many simple things brought me joy.

& it's ultra fun to tell you about them.

Because sometimes it's just fun to talk about yourself. 💁🏼‍♀️

Especially when you are an enneagram two and pretty much every conversation you have you listen rather than speak.

Any other twos out there?

Hit me up!

We should be friends. 😁

Okay, let's get to it.

Here are my six favorite things from the month.

As always, in no particular order.


This is the most perfect gloss / lipstick topper.

I love a good glossy lip. Makes them look plumper, hydrated and healthy.

It isn't sticky, stays on your lips for a good amount of time (especially for a gloss) and has the most perfect sheen (NOT sparkle, sheen).

I have two colors in this gloss, but this one is so perfect for my skin tone.

HERE is the link if you are interested. 🤗

I am wearing it in this picture. It had been on for over two hours and was losing a bit of it's shine, but still looking good!



I can not get enough of these.

I have always been a kiwi fan, even though I'm slightly allergic. Or used to be anyway.

Once I switched my diet up a few years ago I introduced them back into my life. I still have some slight issues with the regular green kiwis but do completely fine with these sun gold (yellow) ones.

& jokes on you green kiwi, the yellow ones are 10x better.

They are sweeter, juicer and softer.

If you are unfamiliar with what they look like or have never heard of them, here you go. 😁

I highly recommend you pick up a package this week. They are widely available, even at Walmart.

& if you aren't into these, pick up a different fruit you've never tried before.


I ordered the Sportneer adjustable ankle weights off of Amazon at the beginning of the month.

I am absolutely obsessed with them.

They have been a wonderful addition during my workouts to add some more resistance, but also for just tooling around the house.

I LOVE putting them on when I'm shooting a recipe for the blog.

Trying to build those quads up so those darn old hips of mine stay in. 😜


If you are unfamiliar with insight timer, it is an app with over 100,000 free meditations.


I have actually been using it since 2018, but I dabble in and out.

Lately, since being online so much, I have noticed my anxiety creeping in more and more.

{ side note : I do not have diagnosed anxiety, so calling it that may not be correct verbiage. It is what I would consider very mild and I do a pretty good job at controlling it. I have been taught by nurses, doctors, life coaches, spiritual healers, friends and a whole host of other medical professionals great tools in managing it over the years.}

I am grateful and thankful for all the tools laid out in front of me, one of them being this app.

But, I can feel when I get more anxious. & social media makes me feel that way.

& since I have been spending more time with it, it was time to get back into my daily meditative state.

& holy shit balls; has it been phenomenal.

I forgot just how good this makes me feel to be in this state of grace.

It's a high of all highs.

Anyway...I have tried other apps, but I always come back to this one. Always.

I have been spending anywhere between 5-30 minutes in the morning using this app to meditate.

I try to pick a few potential meditations the night before and then hone in on how I'm feeling when I wake up in the morning to determine which one best suits my needs.

I have laid some headphones at my bedside table and pop them in right when I wake up, start my mediation and do it in the comfort of my big, warm, cozy and comfortable bed.

It's been magic.

If you are looking for a good place to start, HERE is my favorite meditation I have ever done!

It was shared with me by my dear friend, Kristen and has become a constant that I come back to.

One that always makes me hit the reset button and brings me home. Grounds me.

I highly recommend you check it out.

It's easy to listen too and not all voodoo-ey for you newbies! 🤗


Okay, I won't lie. I own a couple of these.

But THIS ONE in particular has become my favorite.

It is a 3 1/2 quart dutch oven in the color Nectar.

I had a conversation with a friend recently saying I would maybe choose the next size up.

But I think I'm taking that back, unless you feed more than 4 or want extra leftovers.

This has become the perfect size for Keith and I.

It is usually enough for us both to eat one meal and then either one or both of us have leftovers for the next day.

It isn't so large that it's super heavy and I don't cook more than I need to just trying to fill the pot.

I LOVE using it as a frying skillet too. The nice deep sides make less splatters.

& can we talk about the enameled cast iron.


I highly recommend investing in good pots and pans.

It makes the cooking experience so much more enjoyable.

I also am in love with the color I chose. I so often gravitate toward white or black or some kind of neutral.

This Nectar color was not a far cry from a neutral, but totally out of my comfort zone.

But for food photography it has been the most perfect color to photograph my recipes.

Here are some shots. 😁

Click on the pictures to head to the recipe if you'd like!


Holy balls, batman have we been having some totally radical sunrises.


Think about it.

A day has passed. You drift to sleep. Tomorrow is a fresh new day.

You wake up just before the sun, throw on some warm clothes (this time of year anyway) and head outside to see your best friends (I'm talking about my adorable flock of cat children).


The air is crisp making you feel fully alive and the sky is painted the most beautiful colors welcoming you into another day. A whole new world of possibilities.

Another day you woke up alive. A true gift.





I can not express to you how grateful I am to have days like I get to experience in this season of my life.

There would never be enough words in all the languages in all the world, or enough hours in all they days of me being alive to fully encapsulate my feelings of wonderment in the fact that I am here.

Thinking back to 5 years ago, I honestly didn't think I would be alive to see these days.

I'm so grateful I am. & even more grateful that my health doesn't dictate my days anymore.

Ya know what?

This topic would be a GREAT blogpost read.

So let's stop there and I'll catch these thoughts on the flip side and throw them at you another time.

Back to sunrises.

For some reason, I feel like the cool air brings out the beauty of the sky.

The sunrises overpower the sunsets this time of year.

Maybe because the sun sets so early, it doesn't truly feel like and end cap to the day anymore.

But something about these sunrises have been extra special.

I find myself reaching my hands to the sky in the shape of a rectangle, pretend shooting the photograph and storing it in my pocket for safe keeping. Like they only belong to me.

But when you think about it.

Isn't it wild to think about the fact that we all have the capability to see a sunrise everyday and every single one is different. 🤯

Like even if we are standing next to somebody.

Their eyes still see colors differently.

The pink may be more prominent or they may be comparing it to a sunrise in their past and not be fully engrossed in the moment.

Their mind may be racing a million miles a minute thinking about all the things they need to do today instead of admiring the sweet gift in front of them.

Take a moment this week. A moment to stare in the direction of the sunrise.

Encapsulate it.

Think about how it makes you feel.

The importance of the fact you were given another day.

& then choose to move forward with your day in grateful splendor.

It has the possibility to make you look at everything like it is magic.

Pure magic.

Some shots and video of our recent sunrises! 😳

That is all for today, my friends!

Hope you enjoyed this post and pick up some goodies for yourself!

Please take a moment to check out a sunrise this week.

As always, I'm here if you'd like to reach out.

Please give this post a like, show it some love by commenting and the ultimate gift is you sharing it with your friends and family to help my website grow.


Kirsten ☀️

If you are interested in watching instead of reading, here is a Youtube video for you talking about it all. 🤗

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